Sunday, 22 July 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 40

Seems like my life has changed so much and I am busy, busy with new demands on my time and energy.  That's why I am putting this together at 12:30 in the morning.  Thankful that the evening has cooled down a lot and sleep should come easier tonight.
Here we go . . .

1.  Wrapped
My first three shots are all taken at Fleetwood Park . . . this one shows the pillars that support the arches in this walkway, wrapped tightly in roots of various plantings.

2.  Time Together
This daddy and daughter were having some quality time together.

3.  Tell Me a Story
I imagine this girlie whispering in her daddy's ear as they stroll around the park . . . "Tell me a story, Papa".

4.  Couple
The BC Summer Games were held in Surrey (mostly) this weekend and I was trying to get some interesting shots to enter in another photo contest.  Friday's weather was quite changeable and this couple had to break out the umbrellas and rain gear to watch the beach volleyball event.

5. Duplicated
I followed this truck for 20 minutes the other day and snapped this while waiting at a traffic light.  The letters P and A are duplicated to produce the word Papa.  Now don't we all need a Papa who is always on call.

Looking forward to seeing what you all found this week.


  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    Even late at night you are able to put together a dazzling picnic for the eyes for your readers. I loved each of these. The sequence of the little girl on her father's shoulders was particularly intriguing. I love how you shoot wherever you are and create such meaningful stories to pair with the pictures.

    I know about busy. I have had to skip a couple of Sundays. You have now passed me in weeks of scavenging!

    Have a great worship this morning,

  2. I love wrapped, so lush and pretty! And that couple is so great all ready for the rain!

  3. That first shot is so beautiful! Love the couples also. Have a happy week.

  4. How cute that the couple had macthing rain gear and umbrellas!

  5. winning photos each one... I love how you capture the moment, and always the beauty of it!
    I love the see throughness of the rain photo and the crooked seat of the little girl on her dad... reminds me of some little ones that have just crossed the continent and the sea to their home again.

  6. Oh lovely photos...sweet pictures of the Daddy & daughter, love the "wrapped"!!

  7. Ha! Good insight regarding "PAPA" :) Fun photos.

  8. Great set Andrea. My favorites are your Wrapped and Couple.

  9. I hope that whatever is keeping you busy is a good thing! Lovely photos once again. The wrapped one is so full of wonderful texture.

  10. Great shots - I love Time Together!

  11. lovely shot of father and daughter. hope you're having a great week :)


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