Friday, 7 March 2014

Photo Art Friday - 7 March 2014

Well, a whole month has flown by and nary a post has been posted. Just working part-time has kept me so very busy and it seems there is little time to play here.  But PAF is something I am just not ready to forego . . . I am always blessed by my time creating photo art.  

This first piece started out as the gazania and marigold shot on the left below.  I did some basic edits to contrast and exposure, cropped it and added Bonnie's texture pdpa "Dropped Petals" (below right) blended in difference mode at 100%.  The resulting palette is a fairly accurate portrayal of the great outdoors at this time of year, before all the spring bulbs erupt in a riot of colour.

I was so delighted with the earthy colours of the first piece above that I couldn't resist going there again.
This time the original shot was osteospermum, cropped and textured with Bonnie's pdpa "Soft Light Overlay" blended again at difference mode 100%.

The cropped out section of this gerbera from the photo below left, has had Bonnie's pdpa "The Little Things" texture added but I cannot remember the blend mode or percentage.

That's all the play time I have right now so I will sign off and link up with Bonnie and go see what's hanging in the gallery.

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