Saturday, 30 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 37

Well tonight we put the month of June 2012 to bed for good . . . how did that happen so fast?  Tomorrow we celebrate Canada's birthday and will be checking out the happenings at Millenium Park in Cloverdale, BC.  We have been missing the sunny weather in these here parts so praying it doesn't rain on our parade tomorrow.  So lets get on with it . . .

1.  Sunset
 This fiery sunset is from the archives  . . . the Serpentine Fen is a local bird sanctuary and wildlife area.  I used to drive by here on my way to work every night and saw many a glorious sunset.

2.  Sweet
 Celebrating an 80th birthday with a great grandmother was sweet, the cake was sweet but the sweetest thing was taking part in a skype video call to my granddaughters in Ontario.  Great grandma Joan is not able to travel by plane anymore and so had not even met the youngest two.  The last time I saw them was 15 months ago and I sure do miss them.  Definitely the highlight of my week.

3.  Hanging Around
 This little birdhouse is hanging in my little garden patio area.  I am sure it is meant purely for decorative purposes but I sure would love to see some visitors peeking out the window.  
Maybe I have to be up at 3:00 am to greet them.

4.  Funny Face
 I found this funny pouty-face bowl at my daughters and filled it with parsley to give it a fancy hairdo.

5.  Space
I am convinced that Gracie thinks this space is reserved for her alone.  We call it the Orange Throne and Gracie thinks she is the queen.  It is the most comfortable chair in my daughter's den and she manages to snag it all the time.  She does not like to share and gives quite the indignant looks when she is shooed away.
Looking forward to seeing what you all are bringing to the link-up.

Honey Lily - Flower Art Friday

Last fall, my daughter and I planted hundreds of bulbs in the beds around her new home.  We were delighted to watch the different varieties as they emerged from their winter's rest and unfolded in all their glory.  As the alliums were coming to the end of their performance we were surprised by a couple more spikes emerging from the soil.  And such a lovely surprise they turned out to be.  

 Needless to say I was off on a mission to discover their identity and here is what I found.
Their official name is "Allium Nectaroscordum Siculum" but they have several common names including, Honey Lily, Sicilian Honey Lily, Sicilian Honey Garlic and Mediterranean Bells.

 These beauties bloom in late spring, early summer and butterflies find them most attractive, while critters such as deer, squirrels and rabbits leave them alone.  

 They are quite aromatic when touched or jostled with an onion or garlicy aroma that can range from light to fairly intense on a hot summer day.

 As the blooms begin to fade they change position from drooping gracefully downwards to lifting up  straight towards the sun as their pods close up and develop their seed.  Though we have not quite reached this stage yet, they will freely self-seed and so we anticipate increased numbers next spring.

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 36

This week's hunt got some great help from a visit to a nearby museum called Burnaby Village.  The 1920's era village represents a tram-stop community along the B. C. Electric Interurban Railway.  The homes, businesses and "townspeople" all contribute to a fascinating adventure and a peek into the way things were way back then.  Picked up the three prompts that I thought were the hardest at this location, so lets get to them . . .

1. Warped
 Along the left side of this old sign you can see that the wood has warped and split with age.  Taken at the Burnaby Village Museum.
2.  Concentric Circles
 The weight at the bottom of my wind chimes . . . I could have used this for marble as well, but I've got another for that prompt.

3.  Gear
 Also from Burnaby Village, this piece of equipment was found in the Royal Oak Garage . . . there were actually about a dozen "gear" shots I could have used from this trip to the museum.

4.  Glazed
A final shot from the museum . . . it was delightful to step back in time aboard this 100 year old electric tram car, painstakingly restored to its former glory.  All the woodwork appeared to be glazed with a high gloss protective coating.

5.  Marble
Another wind chime, this one my daughter's  . . .  it features a large central marble and smaller ones around the perimeter of the sunflower.

Going to check out the entries now . . . wanna come?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Roses, Roses, Roses

 This Floral Art Friday post is in honour of our lovely hostess, LeAnne, who celebrates her birthday today.  
Just wish there was a way to include the fragrance. 
Happy Birthday, LeAnne!

"Won't you come into my garden . . . I want my roses to see you."
~Richard B. Sheridan

"But friendship is the breathing rose with sweets in every fold."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

"A single rose can be my garden, a single friend my world."
~ Leo Buscaglia

"Every rose is an autograph from the hand of God on His world about us.  He has inscribed His thoughts in these marvelous hieroglyphics which sense and science have, these many thousand years, been seeking to understand."
~ Theodore Parker


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quarterly Top 5 Photos - Pet Edition

Since my kidlets are all grown up, I am working with Gracie Lou 
(aka Honey Bear, Lou Lou, Baby Lou, Bubby) for my top picks of April, May and June.
She is a Himalayan Ragdoll and will be 2 years old in August.
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I really like this shot because you can see how special she is with her extra toes on her front paws. 
 I like the light shining on her head and ears, too.
This is one of my all time favourites of Gracie . . . vegging on top of Auntie Shannon's cat tower. 
 She seems to be saying "Get that camera out of my face!"
This is so typical of her for many hours of the day.  She can see the bird feeder from the window and hears all their chitter-chattering calls.  She is quite content to stay there and quietly catch them in her imagination.  She is a totally inside cat as ragdoll's are not good outdoors (can't defend themselves).
Pink is for girl's right?  Her buddy Zack curled up on a blue towel the same day.  My daughter was doing laundry and the cats love to snuggle up on the sorted loads.  Too cute!
I had been snapping shots in the garden and as I was coming in I saw her in the window, wide-eyed and watching.  You can see the little snag in the curtains from her claws, but she is getting much better.  When she was much younger she pulled several sets of curtains down.  

This little girl has brought so much joy and laughter to me.  There is not a day goes by that she doesn't make me smile.  She is a good listener and seems to understand a lot of what I say.  She comes when she is called most of the time but I don't know if she is really obedient or just terribly curious. 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 35

So we meet again to share our finds for this week's scavenger hunt.   Might I say, they were rather challenging but that always makes it fun and calls forth the creativity in so many.  Looking forward to seeing what you all found.  

 1.  Meet Me at the Corner
 Last Sunday on my way to church I spied this lovely dogwood as I turned a corner.  
I made a date with myself to meet here at the corner and take some photos on the way home.  
I have included a close-up just because they are so lovely.

2.  Mother Nature Meets Technology
 This is a solar powered butterfly which flutters around the spike on sunny days.  It was originally purple but has faded to this lovely blue specimen after weeks in the sun.

3.  One Step at a Time
 On silent cat feet, one step at a time, she creeps into my suite for a visit . . .
Chloe, the eldest cat of the household.  
(Too funny, I just finished typing this and turned around and there she was . . . Hi Chloe.)

4.  What's Wrong With This Picture?
Okay, I confess, it is a contrived shot . . . I didn't find anything in my travels this week that fit the prompt.

5.  Standing Tall

 Although all the little purple petals have fallen away these alliums with their seed pods are still standing tall.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Columbine, Flower Art Friday

I had planned to do roses for this week's Flower Art Friday, but our hostess, LeAnne, requested that roses be featured NEXT week in honour of her birthday.  So . . . I decided to feature these columbines I snapped today.  They are my dad's favourite flower and since Father's Day is just days away, it seemed appropriate.

Short and sweet today,
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Monday, 11 June 2012

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 838-864

All together now - applause for God!
Sing songs to the tune of His glory, set glory to the rhythms of His praise.
Say of God, "We've never seen anything like Him!"
When Your enemies see You in action, they slink off like scolded dogs.
The whole earth falls to its knees - it worships You, sings to You,
can't stop enjoying Your name and fame.
Take a good look at God's wonders - they'll take your breath away.
Psalm 55:1-5 (The Message)

838.  A project for a birthday girl
839.  A section of the parking lot roped off at senior's home because a mama duck had built her nest beneath a            rhododendron bush.  Do not disturb signs posted.
840.  Setting boundaries and standing firm
841.  A wallet found
842.  The sound it makes when you first cut into a watermelon . . . anticipation of juicy goodness
843.  Electricity . . . sewing by machine is something I enjoy tremendously
844.  Being patient with myself when I forget a step in my project
845.  My daughter - such a sweet demonstration of God's heart to so many
846.  God so loved the world that He gave . . . 
847.  More seed in the bird feeder
848.  A grandma getting stronger
849.  Smiles . . . they don't cost a cent and they brighten someone's day
850.  The bread and the wine . . . in remembrance of Him
851.  A call to the birthday girl . . . can she be 10 already?
852.  Regaled with tales of "high tea" and a daddy dressed up as the butler
853.  I am accepted in the Beloved
854.  Found something I thought was long gone
855.  Tendonitis less painful today
856.  Fresh mint to dry for tea
857.  A new birdie visitor . . .  male downy woodpecker
858.  Words of life that break off shame
859.  A new grandbaby for my cousin and his wife . . . such a cutie she is
860.  An eagle soaring circles overhead
861.  Sufficient grace to handle a difficult situation with patience and compassion
862.  Another blanket finished
863.  My Norwex dusting mitt that picks up everything so neatly
864.  Watermelon . . . I love watermelon . . . I could eat it everyday

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