Monday, 11 June 2012

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 838-864

All together now - applause for God!
Sing songs to the tune of His glory, set glory to the rhythms of His praise.
Say of God, "We've never seen anything like Him!"
When Your enemies see You in action, they slink off like scolded dogs.
The whole earth falls to its knees - it worships You, sings to You,
can't stop enjoying Your name and fame.
Take a good look at God's wonders - they'll take your breath away.
Psalm 55:1-5 (The Message)

838.  A project for a birthday girl
839.  A section of the parking lot roped off at senior's home because a mama duck had built her nest beneath a            rhododendron bush.  Do not disturb signs posted.
840.  Setting boundaries and standing firm
841.  A wallet found
842.  The sound it makes when you first cut into a watermelon . . . anticipation of juicy goodness
843.  Electricity . . . sewing by machine is something I enjoy tremendously
844.  Being patient with myself when I forget a step in my project
845.  My daughter - such a sweet demonstration of God's heart to so many
846.  God so loved the world that He gave . . . 
847.  More seed in the bird feeder
848.  A grandma getting stronger
849.  Smiles . . . they don't cost a cent and they brighten someone's day
850.  The bread and the wine . . . in remembrance of Him
851.  A call to the birthday girl . . . can she be 10 already?
852.  Regaled with tales of "high tea" and a daddy dressed up as the butler
853.  I am accepted in the Beloved
854.  Found something I thought was long gone
855.  Tendonitis less painful today
856.  Fresh mint to dry for tea
857.  A new birdie visitor . . .  male downy woodpecker
858.  Words of life that break off shame
859.  A new grandbaby for my cousin and his wife . . . such a cutie she is
860.  An eagle soaring circles overhead
861.  Sufficient grace to handle a difficult situation with patience and compassion
862.  Another blanket finished
863.  My Norwex dusting mitt that picks up everything so neatly
864.  Watermelon . . . I love watermelon . . . I could eat it everyday

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  1. Such a great list today! I smiled my way through as I read. I loved that skirt -- just beautiful colors put together there. I laughed at the duck thing. They do have a way of picking the oddest of spots and are so stubbornly determined to stay there. Love it!!!! And I loved your downy woodpecker. When they arrive at my feeder, I'm pretty sure they have young ones. Otherwise, they just don't want what I put out. I really loved 861. Sufficient grace. . . I had one of those situations last week and I still sigh a bit when I think of it. I could have been mean spirited, could have spoken harshly, and I would have been right. But "right" isn't always right, is it? Grace always fits, even in the hard places. Thank you for such a great list and for sharing it. It was great to be here!

  2. What a great list! Rejoicing with you on number 859! Such a blessing. The skirt is so pretty. I just love that style. Your grandgirlie will twirl and twirl, I bet.

  3. sometimes I am surprised by man's care... your duck story so blessed me! God does soften hearts!
    Your skirt brought back memories of hand me down dresses made my your loving hands...
    Cora, I love your "Right isn't always right, is it? Grace always fits, even in the hard places."

    Love the beauty of heart I see in each gratitude. I will be by for some watermelon!

  4. You mentioned watermelon TWICE. Good choice for a re-cap. I buy the whole melon and then proceed to eat it all by myself. This weekend, however, I have a bunch of grandkids coming do I will have to share. We used to have seed-spitting contests when I was little, but they make these seedless melons now and spoil all the fun! How DO we get new watermelons? Hmmm

    I love everything on this list. You are sew ;^) crafty and your attention to nature thrills my heart. Almost every list you thank God for your daughter. Much of who she is is a result of your mothering. You are reaping the rewards of your care.

    My favorite this week is electricity. This is something we take for granted. My goodness, I couldn't even compute without it. Edison's capture changed life for all who came after him. May we do the same, each in our own way, for the glory of God.


  5. I so enjoyed reading your post. Lovely lovely gifts and list.

  6. Ducks and birds sometimes pick the weirdest of places to set up home don't they! Lovely list too.


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