Saturday, 23 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 36

This week's hunt got some great help from a visit to a nearby museum called Burnaby Village.  The 1920's era village represents a tram-stop community along the B. C. Electric Interurban Railway.  The homes, businesses and "townspeople" all contribute to a fascinating adventure and a peek into the way things were way back then.  Picked up the three prompts that I thought were the hardest at this location, so lets get to them . . .

1. Warped
 Along the left side of this old sign you can see that the wood has warped and split with age.  Taken at the Burnaby Village Museum.
2.  Concentric Circles
 The weight at the bottom of my wind chimes . . . I could have used this for marble as well, but I've got another for that prompt.

3.  Gear
 Also from Burnaby Village, this piece of equipment was found in the Royal Oak Garage . . . there were actually about a dozen "gear" shots I could have used from this trip to the museum.

4.  Glazed
A final shot from the museum . . . it was delightful to step back in time aboard this 100 year old electric tram car, painstakingly restored to its former glory.  All the woodwork appeared to be glazed with a high gloss protective coating.

5.  Marble
Another wind chime, this one my daughter's  . . .  it features a large central marble and smaller ones around the perimeter of the sunflower.

Going to check out the entries now . . . wanna come?


  1. Good choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    I especially like Concentric Circles.
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Nice shots! My favorite is the one of concentric circles - beautiful photo.

  3. Lovely pics...that tram is fabulous, imagine if we could still trave like that!

  4. I loved all of these, especially the tram. That could be a movie set!

    What a nice day trip,

  5. Love your picture for circles! So gorgeous!

  6. Always great to see how the prompts fit with what you have and how you look for shots that fit the prompts.

  7. Really a great trip and great pics. Love that old electric train, those were the days of lots of wood. Beautiful pics that fit the prompts so nicely!!

  8. What awesome shots.. They all look great. I love your Concentric circle shot.

  9. Oh my goodness your photo's are just wonderful.
    I loved all of them but my Top 2 picks:
    Concentric Circles and Glazed.

  10. What wonderful finds at the museum. Your photos are delightful and tell such lovely stories.

  11. Great set!! I especially liked Glazed and Gear.

  12. Wonderful set. Your circle is great but each of your pictures made me thing. Thanks again.

  13. Nicely done - great find with concentric circles.

  14. Great shots - love concentric circles!


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