Saturday, 2 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 33

Where did this week go?  Seems like I merely blinked and it was gone.  
Going to jump right into it today . . . here are the prompts we were looking for.
Shine, Fast, Left, Peace and Plain.

1.  Shine
Love the look of sunshine filtered through the treetops.

2.  Fast
I often try to capture butterfly shots but they are usually too fast . . . but not this day.
  Caught him/her? resting a spell on my Russian Red kale.

3.  Left
I still get thrown off by delayed left turn signals . . . always ready to jump out there.

4.  Peace
There's something so peaceful about a swan floating gracefully on a pond . . . 

unless it's chasing the ducks away, then it is quite agressive.

5.  Plain
The black swan I chose for the last prompt and this one as well were taken at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  Many exotic birds populate the park's ponds and streams and I thought it was just too cute when I over heard a little boy say, "Oh , those are just plain old ducks."


  1. Love your peaceful swan shot, looks so calm until the next shot!

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I feel the same as you when I see sunlight filtering everywhere (pic #1), but I had to chuckle and marvel when I saw the water droplets "filtering" everywhere in the swan/duck confrontation (#4b). Delightful all!


  3. Great set this week, Andrea Dawn! We had very similar thoughts for left! Love shine and peace too! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Just great outside shots. Shine and peace stand out. Thanks

  5. Great shots! There are always so many options to photo at the zoo! Geese are scary shown in your second photo of that goose!

  6. I love your swan and geese shots. I always want to see shots of birds of any kind. Very nice!

  7. your 'plain old ducks', are 'just' perfect!
    isn't Spring such a wonderful time!

  8. I tried to capture a butterfly shot yesterday and it wasn't having anything of it - much too fast. Nicely done with the prompts this week.

  9. Very nice series of photos ..
    I particularly like the black swan ...
    Best regards, Karin

  10. Another great set. I love left and plain!
    Good stuff.

  11. Great set my favorite is your peace shot.

  12. Great set - shine is really pretty.

  13. Beautiful shine shot and I was looking for a left hand sign to take a picture of....but then I realized I would have to get probably park in order to shoot one so I skipped it. :)

  14. Very nice set. Your Shine is lovely.
    I also like Peace (but yikes they can be a bit aggresive).
    Oh and that Fast Shot...very pretty.

  15. LOVE all of the nature in these shots!

  16. Hi Andrea,

    Your photos are gorgeous! I am amazed by all the talent I see. Each photo brought a smile to my face. Nature at its best!

  17. The light filtering thru the trees is so lovely. I don't see black swans very often and yes, they can be quite aggressive. Lovely line-up, have a great week ahead.

  18. Love your fast and your plain shots. Beautiful pictures, as usual!!!

  19. Good shots - Your Ducks have way too much personality to be plain!

  20. Beautiful shots this week! Especially love the first two!

  21. Beautiful collection! But that light in your "shine" capture is fantastic!


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