Saturday, 9 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 34

Well that's another week in the books . . . mine was filled with tears and laughter, challenges and  delights, birthdays and anniversaries and a new twig in the family tree.  My cousin Tim and his wife Lorrie,  who blogs at Fabric, Paper, Thread, welcomed another granddaughter this week . . . so happy for them.  I am looking forward to seeing all the submissions for this week's clues.  I am thinking there could be some really fun ones with one of the prompts being "silly".  

1. Travel
This shot is from my trip to the zoo last week.  It is a wonderful way to travel around the park if you want to see it all in one day . . . especially if you have little ones.  The big drawback, of course, is that it is not conducive to taking pictures.

 2. Silly
 Zack is such a silly kitty.  He strikes some of the funniest poses.  He actually fell asleep like this and when he tried to get out of this position later he was almost standing on his head.  It was hilarious!

3. Black & White
 Equally lovely in colour or black and white.

4. Spots
 I was totally tickled to capture a new visitor to the yard . . . 
a downy woodpecker identified by the white spots on its wings and red patch on his head.
  Not as sharp as I would have liked but with birds you take what you can get.

5. Paper
Some of my most precious paper keepsakes start with the words "Dear Grandma".
No, it is not my birthday week . . . that was back in February.
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  1. awww love the paper shot! beautiful pictures!

  2. Great photo of the woodpecker. Love that card and the P.P.S.S. - too cute!

  3. Your kitty makes me miss having cats. I am looking forward to the day when I have grandchildren to give me handwritten cards. :)

  4. the creativity of your "travel" shot.

  5. Great set Andrea, your black and white is really great and I love your paper.

  6. The card is precious! my kitteh lays like that too.

  7. What a lovely card! I really like the processing in B&W and your kitty shot.

  8. GREAT set lady! Doesn't get better than paper, SO sweet!!

  9. I do so get paper. I agree with Melanie. It doesn't get any better than that!

    I love your rose, too!

  10. That card is so precious!! Love your cat, he looks like he's twisted into knots!

  11. The cat contortion is excellent for silly - but the card steals the show.

  12. The hand made card is BEYOND precious!

  13. Love this set. Silly is so sweet, and I'm loving that spots!

  14. Love the "paper" selection. A treasure you can open up again and again and be blessed again and again. That is what I love about old-fashioned communication. But, of course, without technology, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it with you way down in Florida. A place for everything.

    Love the idea of this project. Will it begin again next year, I wonder?

    1. The scavenger hunt just keeps going year round, although our hostess, Ashley is expecting her first child this summer and is looking for someone to take over hosting duties. With over 100 regular participants I am sure she will find a substitute host. Would love to have you join in the fun, Linda.

  15. love your ROSE... and your 'silly' is darling... that is the pose Bethany's big pup often takes.

  16. Ahh, what a sweet paper image. Those pieces of paper are so precious, love your kitty all stretched out.

  17. Delightful set.
    Traveling through a zoo would be so fun.
    Loved your Silly (cats can really contort themselves) and your Spots. Great capture of the woodpecker.
    Such precious paper memories.

  18. Yes Greandma's have a special place. Love your set again this week. Silly shows how silly most cat's can be. Black and white and spots are great. Thanks and have a wonderful week.

  19. Looks like my Dad got here right before me (hiflight)! I like your travel and silly shots this week.

  20. Travel is creative! Love the zoo train!

  21. We love the silly shot and the traveling at the zoo sounds like fun and thank u for your comments on our blot.

  22. I remember riding that train around the park. So much fun! And your cat makes for a great silly shot!

    The phrase, " new twig in the family tree" is just perfect! She's a tiny mite. Thanks.

    I hope your week is starting out very well!

  23. Silly or lazy...or both? Love it!


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