Saturday, 16 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 35

So we meet again to share our finds for this week's scavenger hunt.   Might I say, they were rather challenging but that always makes it fun and calls forth the creativity in so many.  Looking forward to seeing what you all found.  

 1.  Meet Me at the Corner
 Last Sunday on my way to church I spied this lovely dogwood as I turned a corner.  
I made a date with myself to meet here at the corner and take some photos on the way home.  
I have included a close-up just because they are so lovely.

2.  Mother Nature Meets Technology
 This is a solar powered butterfly which flutters around the spike on sunny days.  It was originally purple but has faded to this lovely blue specimen after weeks in the sun.

3.  One Step at a Time
 On silent cat feet, one step at a time, she creeps into my suite for a visit . . .
Chloe, the eldest cat of the household.  
(Too funny, I just finished typing this and turned around and there she was . . . Hi Chloe.)

4.  What's Wrong With This Picture?
Okay, I confess, it is a contrived shot . . . I didn't find anything in my travels this week that fit the prompt.

5.  Standing Tall

 Although all the little purple petals have fallen away these alliums with their seed pods are still standing tall.

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  1. Nice set. I found the prompts to be tough, so contrived or not, I like it! Have a great week.

  2. WOW!
    LOVE SO many of these!
    The cat's paws, the grainy look to the glass bottles and LOVE your standing tall! Great job!

  3. Beautiful set, all of them. Love your take on what's wrong...

  4. These are all amazing! Love the wrong pic!

  5. Beautiful photos! That dogwood is gorgeous. I really like your "wrong" photo. Very creative!

  6. Love your corner photo. That dogwood is beautiful!

  7. Wonderful set.
    Simply adore your cats paws for One Step at a Time.
    Meet Me at the Corner - Very pretty.
    What's Wrong with this Picture - Fabulous
    All in all I really enjoyed all your shots this week.

  8. a gorgeous set... each one! love the standing tall!

  9. All are so lovely, the dogwood is gorgeous, your kitty paws are so sweet, those green glass bottles are beautiful and I love those alliums!!

  10. Dear Photographer in My Life,

    This picture-taker is simply in awe! I LOVE these and the artistry with which they are presented and the written text composed from a heart of love.

    I was blessed being here,

    1. Blessed to have you here, girl and by your kind words.

  11. What a beautiful dogwood! Your shots are lovely. Great set!

  12. Thanks. Great set. At first glance I wondered how you captured that butterfly but reading made the answer clear. Loved them all.

  13. Pretty flowers! I took a picture ofallium just a few hunts ago, and they are pretty tall! I enjoyed the composition of your "what's wrong" shot too. It is a lovely photo.

  14. Neat -- there is just something about dogwood!

  15. ooooooh...lovin' that last shot! Fantastic!

  16. I love the processing on your last shot!

  17. Contrived shot? It’s perfect! Love the green bottles, not to mention the green-eyed kitty. What is Chloe thinking in that picture?
    But, oh, the pink petals!!!


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