Sunday, 9 February 2014

Old Quebec City, Photo Art Friday on Sunday

The summer of 2010, on a summer break from school, I flew out to Montreal where my sister and brother-in-law were living at the time for what turned out to be my most enjoyable vacation ever. Our first adventure was a day trip to Quebec City to take in the historic sites of Old Quebec City. As I was thinking about this months prompt for Photo Art Friday, I remembered the abundance of geometric shapes and angular lines of many of the buildings we saw there, and so, I have put together a little show of a few of my photos from that day.  
The prompt that Bonnie gave us for this edition is Graphic/Geometric/Angular.

 This was taken at Place Royale in the Lower City.
I used a simple watercolour filter as well as some basic adjustments to brightness and contrast.

 This red door along the Rue du Petit-Champlain in the Lower City is one of my favourite shots from that day. This piece uses a Giger Fine Art filter.

 One final shot from the Lower City is also from Place Royale, a magnificent open square with cobblestones and a small cathedral across the square.
I used a watercolour filter and Bonnie's pdpa "Age It" texture.

 Back up on top of the citadel this building on a corner captivated  my attention. I used a Metropolis preset and Bonnie's pdpa Etched in Stone texture. I also took this into picMonkey and used a number of effects that I did not write down - one was a Warhol effect.

 Chateau Frontenac with Bonnie's pdpa "Yesteryear psd" texture and basic edits.

Finally the clock tower portion of the Ministry of Finance building with a Paper Cutouts filter and pdpa "Antique Me" in difference blend mode.

Collage of original images.

That's it for now . . . I hope to share some of the rest of that memorable vacation in the coming weeks. I am linking up quite literally at the last minute with Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art.  I actually linked my post and then came back to do some finishing touches just to make sure I wasn't too late.

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