Friday, 15 June 2012

Columbine, Flower Art Friday

I had planned to do roses for this week's Flower Art Friday, but our hostess, LeAnne, requested that roses be featured NEXT week in honour of her birthday.  So . . . I decided to feature these columbines I snapped today.  They are my dad's favourite flower and since Father's Day is just days away, it seemed appropriate.

Short and sweet today,
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  1. I really don't know how you get the intricacies that I see in your macros. You are able to bring out the finest silky strands and the textures can be sensed. I almost want to reach up to touch the screen of my computer to feel the fuzziness or the points. How wonderful that you did a few clicks of your father's favorite!

    Impressed as always with your talent,

    1. Thank you, Dawn . . . I really enjoyed working with them.

  2. Such gorgeous images again. Love all the texture and details you captured, as Dawn has already said.

  3. your photo technique here is exactly as I love to draw and paint! so very cool! My columbines have been saved from the caterpillar ravaging and are about to bloom... so glad to have come by here today. My son's favourite flower and it is he who planted as a young boy all the ones we now enjoy in bloom.

  4. These just make me sigh with happiness. Wonderful captures of these beautiful Columbines.


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