Saturday, 30 June 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 37

Well tonight we put the month of June 2012 to bed for good . . . how did that happen so fast?  Tomorrow we celebrate Canada's birthday and will be checking out the happenings at Millenium Park in Cloverdale, BC.  We have been missing the sunny weather in these here parts so praying it doesn't rain on our parade tomorrow.  So lets get on with it . . .

1.  Sunset
 This fiery sunset is from the archives  . . . the Serpentine Fen is a local bird sanctuary and wildlife area.  I used to drive by here on my way to work every night and saw many a glorious sunset.

2.  Sweet
 Celebrating an 80th birthday with a great grandmother was sweet, the cake was sweet but the sweetest thing was taking part in a skype video call to my granddaughters in Ontario.  Great grandma Joan is not able to travel by plane anymore and so had not even met the youngest two.  The last time I saw them was 15 months ago and I sure do miss them.  Definitely the highlight of my week.

3.  Hanging Around
 This little birdhouse is hanging in my little garden patio area.  I am sure it is meant purely for decorative purposes but I sure would love to see some visitors peeking out the window.  
Maybe I have to be up at 3:00 am to greet them.

4.  Funny Face
 I found this funny pouty-face bowl at my daughters and filled it with parsley to give it a fancy hairdo.

5.  Space
I am convinced that Gracie thinks this space is reserved for her alone.  We call it the Orange Throne and Gracie thinks she is the queen.  It is the most comfortable chair in my daughter's den and she manages to snag it all the time.  She does not like to share and gives quite the indignant looks when she is shooed away.
Looking forward to seeing what you all are bringing to the link-up.


  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I perused your flower pictures from yesterday and then came here. I feel like I just went to a gallery and had a fine walk around. Your eye catches a moment or an angle and here it is for us to see. It is truly marvelous for your readers. Of whom, I am one.

    I have decided to just look at what others do for at least "an itty bit" of time. Katie has closed down Scripture and a Snapshot and I think that may be a confirmation of what I had already been feeling about shutting down in this area myself. The best part of this whole picture taking "thing" for me is coming to see your work. I can simply do that and I will.

    I have also learned to really see. I don't need the camera to slow me. I just normally do that. Even husband is pointing out details in what we pass as if we had a camera. It is quite fun! Speaking of the husband, we celebrate 42 years of marriage today. Little did we know that we were married on Canada's birthday!
    You are a dear friend,

    1. Congratulations on your anniversary, Dawn . . . hope you have a splendid day and many more to come. As always, you are most welcome to wander for a while over here.
      Hugs, Andrea Dawn

  2. Funny face is adorable.
    What a great set of shots!

  3. Wonderful set this week.
    That is a beautiful Sunset.
    Funny Face - What a great bowl, got a chuckle out of the pouty face and the parsley hair was perfect.
    Loved your Space shot too. They sure can find their "space" quickly in the house. Sometimes I find it difficult to get into bed at night because they've taken up all the space on my side of the bed.

  4. These are all fantastic Andrea Dawn! Love the silly face!

  5. Great shots - your sunset is spectacular, but I love Space!

  6. Wow...what an amazing sunset! Love the story with sweet....that must have been an fun Skype session. Too bad your granddaughters couldn't enjoy that beautiful cake. Have a great week!

  7. oh that FUNNY FACE is very cute. And, that birdhouse is so very cool! I can't imagine that the birds would not be checking it out. Those birthday candles are beautiful - sounds like you had a really special time with a special person... have a great week.

  8. What a great set this week. Your sunset is awesome, Happy Birthday to Grandma, hope it was sweet. That pouty faced bowl is a stitch and miss kitty knows where is comfortable. Happy Canada Day

  9. Love Funny Face!
    And that is a truly magnificent Sunset!
    Lea's Menagerie

  10. That sunset is awe inspiring! SO beautiful!

    I also enjoyed your hanging around and funny face.

  11. Andrea, the funny face and green hair is awesome! I also think it fab that Dawn celebrates 42 years on our Canada day! What a great dual celebration! Blessings your way dear Dawn.

  12. Great set. that sunset is stunning! Your cat cracks me up.Have a happy week

  13. Beautiful images again, Andrea. I hope your Canada Day was at least partially sunny, as was ours. This morning however, it's gray and overcast once again. But it's not raining!

    That sunset is particularly stunning.

  14. Great photos. LOVE sunset and hanging around.

  15. Oh my that sunset is just glorious!! And your birdhouse is perfect for 'hanging around'!

  16. What a beautiful series of images!
    Your Gracie is so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing


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