Thursday, 5 July 2012

Flower Art Friday

To the Daisy,
The poet's darling 
~ William Wordsworth

There is a flower, a little flower
with silver crest and golden eye,
That welcomes every changing hour
and weathers every sky.
~ James Montgomery

Daisies infinite, uplift in praise their little growing hands
O'er every hill that under heaven expands.
~ Ebenezer Elliott

 Not worlds on worlds, in phalanx deep
Need we to prove a God is here;
The daisy, fresh from nature's sleep,
Tells of His hand in lines as clear.
~ John Mason Good

Thanks to those who voted for my entry last week that put me in the Top 3.
Such a delight to link up each week with so many talented "Floral" artists that inspire me to learn new techniques and willingly share their knowledge and links to resources.



  1. The bokeh in the first picture is amazing!!

  2. Wow, amazing flowers and beautiful poetry!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Gorgeous shots of this flower. So nice to see. Well done!

  4. Stunning images! Love the simplicity of the last image!

  5. The daisies I have outside my sunroom window are
    "weeds," but they, indeed, look like tiny daisies. I think they are beautiful so I keep them there. For you to highlight these common beauties delights my soul and the accompanying poetry? a true bonus from a "pairing" artist supreme.

    Thanks, Dear Andrea Dawn

  6. Beautiful photos! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Such happy daisies. I love all your shots!

  8. I love daisies and yours are just wonderful. The lighting on the first one is wonderful!!

  9. Andrea, these daisy photos are exquisite! They are my favorite flower, so I take hundreds of photos of them. Yours are just perfect!!

  10. That first photo practically leaps out of my computer screen, it is so vibrant. What a great shot. You've elevated the humble daisy to the place of honour it deserves. Your artful treatment of the last picture gives it a very pleasing watercolour effect.

  11. A photographer's darling too! Fantastic captures. Thanks for sharing with Flower Art Friday! :)

  12. Don't you just love photographing these! Lovely shot, and thank you for stopping by my blog!


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