Saturday, 14 July 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 39

Time to post the finds for the latest Scavenger Hunt. That's a couple of weeks running now that I am not scrambling last minute to put this together . . . feels good.  Lot's on the plate today so I'm keeping the chit-chat short.  Looking forward to browsing the fabulous submissions later on.

1.  Water
 My friend Alison has CP.  On hot summer days she would love to run through the sprinkler but her electric wheelchair would not take too kindly to that so she settles for a refreshing hand shower.

2.  Petal
 Clusters of petals form clusters of blossoms that delight this woman's soul . . . oh how I love hydrangeas.
3.  Fresh
 These seedheads from centranthus ruber, "Jupiter's Beard", look like little snowflakes in July.  They self seed prolifically and will bring a fresh crop of little pink blossoms next season.

4.  Eight
 This eight-legged critter spun her wispy web between spirea branches
 and blades of iris leaves in the  flower bed.  Kind of gives me the creeps.

5.  Calm
After seeing the spider in my "Eight" shot you may need to calm down a bit (I know I do).  I used a blue filter on these lovely rose petals as the colour blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body.  It slows your metabolism and produces a calming effect. Light blue in particular is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding and softness.


  1. Oh, your first two are my fav's, and what an interesting plant. Love that they look like snowflakes!!

  2. I love your finds this week, Andrea Dawn! Water is just amazing!

  3. Beautiful set this week. Water is fascinating. Really, really like it! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love how those seedlings look like little firework bursts.

  5. Great set here.
    My favorites are: Petal - The color there is amazing.
    Fresh - What an interesting plant and they do look like snowflakes.
    I also enjoyed the Water Shot.
    Spiders are a bit creepy but they look pretty cool as well.

  6. What a beautiful set this week. The "water" image has to be my favorite. The hand and the story is beautful.

  7. I love hydrangeas too. They are so simple...and the colors are beautiful! Your water shot is my favorite. I love the composition....lovely.

  8. Andrea, I love the deep blue of your hydrangea Petals!

  9. I loved the contrast of the fine water from the sprinkler and the more concentrated droplets falling from Alison's hand. Beautiful!

    And the hydrangeas. Oh my. They make my heart beat faster, too. Have a wonderful week, Andrea.

  10. Great set. Love the calm shot and the petal is wonderful. The thought behind the water and the picture really made me think. Thanks

  11. Nicely done - what a great composition for water.

  12. beautiful shots, love the water and hydrangea one the most.
    Spiders freak me out too :) you are brave to have taken that shot!

  13. always a delightful surprise to see how you will bless us with all God's beauty from your vantage point!


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