Saturday, 7 July 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 38

Well this is a first . . . I had my hunt finished by the end of the 1st day!  Last Sunday was Canada Day and I picked up all the clues during the festivities at Cloverdale's Millenium Park.  The celebration itself was disappointing as when we arrived there were two stages blaring music so loud that you couldn't enjoy either one.  It had rained earlier in the day and as a result the lawns were wet/muddy and all the sidewalks were congested . . . hard to get around with a 2 wheelchairs and a cane.  On top of that it just seemed so commercialized that we spent little more than 45 minutes and headed home.  Opted for take-out Chinese and a movie instead, so no fireworks photos from this girl.

1.  Patriotic
On our way to the Millenium Park for Canada Day Celebrations I spotted this young person sporting a patriotic cape and top hat.

2.  View From Above
These people riding the Octopus were able to get a great 'view from above'.

3.  Mosaic
My country is a rich mosaic of people and cultures from around the globe.

4. Something Tiny
This little fella was enjoying the 'tiny bubbles' from a bubble machine in the park.

5. Vibrant
The Red Serge of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dress uniform is certainly vibrant.

This is a bonus photo combining Something Tiny and Vibrant . . .
. . . the vibrant colours of a tiny little ladybug.

It was a good thing that I got these all in one place as my week was so hectic that I don't think I would have pulled it off otherwise.  Looking forward to see what you all came up with for these great prompts. 
Thanks Sarah, for hosting us once again.

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  1. What a fabulous set, love the tiny boy and bubbles, and really love your mosaic! Great job with the finds all in one place, I love when that happens!! Have a great week ahead.

  2. Lovely set Andrea. All great shots but the Mounties gave me week knees. I have a soft spot for men in riding boots :)

  3. These are so great, Andrea! Love your Canadian take on patriotic! And your vibrant, love the Mounties!

  4. That´s life ! Wonderful photos in action.

  5. You captured everything so well!
    Canada is was my "2nd home" growing up as I had relatives who lived in Ontario.
    Love the bright red shots of mounties & the Maple Leaf!

  6. Great hunt! Love all of them and very clever with the mosaic.

    Your ladybug (makes for a great photo) is actually not a ladybug but a pest to other ladybugs unfortunately, I made the same mistake recently :(

    Thank you for the visit :)

  7. Fun set. So filled with activity and fun. The Mural in your Patriotic shot really adds to the fun of the scene.
    My favorite shot was the Vibrant shot of the RCMP - Love those uniforms.
    Also enjoyed your bonus shot too.

  8. I love your vibrant photos! The ladybug was probably my absolute favorite.

  9. Love the Mounties and the ladybug photo is stunning. I have Canada celebrations in my hunt too.

  10. Love that profile surrounded by interesting and creative.


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