Friday, 3 January 2014

Photo Art Friday - The Year of "Ask"

My choice for this year's word is "ASK" with echoes of "seek" and "knock".
These words in Luke 11 are what guided me in my selection.

"So I say to you, ask and it will be given to you,
seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks, receives, and he who seeks finds
and to him who knocks it will be opened."

The progression from asking to seeking to knocking suggests that more is involved than just the words passing over one's lips. Like pursuing diligently, making inquiries and quite literally knocking on doors.

I am very much looking forward to this adventure of asking, seeking and knocking.  I am sure I will be very surprised at the way it turns out and expect to be greatly enriched on many different levels.

One area that I will be asking myself about is my art work.
How much time am I prepared to give to it?
What do I hope to accomplish with it besides expressing myself creatively?
Is there a specific style that I want to cultivate?

These two pieces are from the same original photograph of a pink and yellow peony.  The one above has a comic book filter applied as well as basic adjustments to contrast, brightness, highlights and shadows. The second version is processed with a watercolour filter.  I really like the negative space to the right of the image.

This last piece I am sharing I call "Winter Tree".  It has a watercolour filter and I have used Bonnie's pdpa Spring Light Canvas at 100% Burn blend mode.

And now I ASK you to come and browse the gallery over at Bonnies . . .
Pixel Dust Photo Art


  1. Winter Tree... I adore it. And... I really like your choice for this year's word. I may need to borrow that idea. :) Many blessings to you Andrea Dawn -- this day and for the many days forward.

  2. Stunning work, Andrea Dawn, as always!

    I really appreciate the questions you are asking yourself about your work as an artist. My first reaction is that I hope you don't limit yourself to just one style. As this post demonstrates you excel at so many different styles. Perhaps you will have to limit your work to the ones that most please you.

    Love all four images, but the first and the last are my favs. Your artistry really makes my textures shine. Thank you!!!

  3. Great word and I love your image of the fern

  4. #3 and #4 photos are my favorite. The last image though to me is very enjoyable to look at -- those deep blues I like a lot.. Very nice work..

  5. Your skill with your camera and processing is a testament to your creativity. I hope that you find a way to continue with your art because it's really lovely and inspirational. Have you considered submitting images to places like Dayspring or other publishing companies? Or printing cards/images and selling them online?
    Just ASKing....

    1. Since you asked, Lorrie, yeah, that is kind of the direction I am leaning to. It has been an uphill climb trying to get this body of mine in working form again and I do need to develop some less conventional income streams. I truly could spend my days producing art and be in my glory.

  6. Lovely images, Andrea! Great word choice and I like how you pointed out that to verbalize it also will ultimately lead to action! Should be an interesting year! No matter what direction you decide to go with your artwork, remember, you're not just expressing yourself creatively, you're inspiring others!! Withing you a multitude of His blessings in 2014,

  7. I do like the last two images with the watercolour filter a lot. You've inspired me to try for myself. Happy new year, Andrea, and good luck with your word!

  8. Oh! the tree is fabulous! I like your word, it will be interesting to see where it takes you.

  9. Your pictures are just stunning, Andrea!!! I can just imagine them on cards, etc. You've turned them into the most beautiful watercolors!!!!!

    And I love your word for this year. And yes, the word "ask", being put together with seek and knock, does add more to it all, doesn't it? Sounds like, we are to ask, but after we do, in faith go seeking for the answer, and when we find it and seems to be behind a closed door and not accessible to us, then we are to knock, believing it will be opened for us. Beautiful way to start asking, isn't it??? Looking forward to seeing where it takes you!

  10. As I scrolled through the photo's I said these need to be made into cards. Your photos and your written word speak volumes and are a blessing to me. I think they would bless many others as well. After reading the other comments it seems a few others have the same thought.

  11. The first and the last is my favourites :) I liek the simplicity of them.

  12. These are all wonderful. I love fern's so that first piece really stood out to me. Then again I love flowers too and the bright cheery colors of your floral pieces are a welcome sight in this gloomy winter weather.

  13. Andrea Dawn, I just believe you were created to create these beauties. Your word may be the route to their marketing. I will pray that He opens the way as you make moves in faith, testing the way. I see Cora commented above. She has traveled this creative path successfully. Of course, no one's path is like another's in every respect, but we can walk alongside. On the Emmaus Road with you, Dawn


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