Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Hymn of Gratitude


When I express my gratitude
to God, I find my attitude
transforms from gloomy doom
to sunny smiles.

In giving thanks, my focus changes
as gratitude . . . it rearranges
the way I think and feel and speak
and live my life.

Counting all the ways He blesses
deepens joy, and my heart presses
in to know Him and enjoy Him
as He is.

"All is grace", the writer pens
Each day, each hour, each breath He sends
His gifts of grace and bids me
open more to Him.

The Ancient Words declare the way
into His presence every day
is opened up by giving thanks
and so I say . . .

For sun and moon and stars that twinkle
Eyes that see and lines that wrinkle
aging faces, waterfalls, and baby's breath
I thank You, LORD.

For bone on bone in knee unbending
ears to hear the never-ending
speech, heavens telling of Your glory,
Father, thank You.

For hope that flutters in my chest
and tiny eggs in robin's nest
just waiting to burst forth and
sing Your praises.

For full salvation, "It is finished"
Healing virtue undiminished
by years long past and
morning mercies ever new.

For children home, and far away
I give You thanks, my God, today
my heart is full and overflows
with gratitude.

Thank You, thank You, Holy Father
Holy Spirit, Jesus, Author
of my life and the Finisher
of my faith.


© Andrea Dawn Olsen - 9 July 2011

Inspired by the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. 
You can get to know her at

Source:  Image capture at

YouTube Video Trailer for Ann's book

(The little bundle of pink joy at the start of the video is my granddaughter.)
(What can I say . . . I am a proud grandmother!)

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  1. I am passing this on... her blog and book are inspirational!
    Jesus ... the author and finisher of our faith! Thanks Andrea!
    May Our Lord be ever praised !


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