Saturday, 17 March 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 23

So this week I took the plunge and did an "I Am From" post.  It is a wonderful project to do and is so therapeutic to review your past and the people and events that have shaped you. I highly recommend the experience.  

Having invested a fair bit of time in that project, I was tickled to once again be able to get all my clues in a single location.  I am participating in a year long photo challenge that centers on Urban Parks in Four Seasons at various locations around the world.  I got to my chosen park just yesterday and very quickly snapped my way through 200+ photos.  Within the batch I found the following for my interpretations this week.  Hope you enjoy these shots from Bear Creek Park, in Surrey, BC.

1(a) Vintage
 Vintage miniature train tracks.

1(b) Vintage miniature train . . . 
 Eddie the Engine pulls three passenger cars through the forested area of the park.

2. Word or Quote
 Part of the sign at the entrance to Bear Creek Gardens.  
Interesting thing with the sign as I worked with it  . . . it is somewhat of an optical illusion as when I first look at it, the letters seem to be separate from the main beam, but they are actually recessed, carved out of the main beam. Try it and tell me if you see the same thing.

3. Nature's Own
 Gotta love the ducks.

4. People
 People love to watch the ducks . . . I spent more time here than anywhere else in the park.

5. Photographer's Choice
When you walk a little slower you sometimes catch a find like this beauty.

So looking forward to checking out the other submissions at Ashley's Ramblings & Photos.

Next Weeks Clues:
1.  Whimsy
2.  Create
3.  Dust
4.  Seed or Sprout
5.  Swing or Drop


  1. These are all great, love the vintage railroad tracks and your people shots!

  2. You certainly have a lot of photography goin' on in your life. I am SO happy you took up the Where I'm From challenge. That certainly was revelatory for me when I did mine. So you have a park now? lol I think the concept of shooting scenes from area parks in four seasons is brilliant. I ought to share it with someone in my state. It would have to be all volunteer as we're trying to balance the budget!

    I love the fungus picture best. It is so beautiful and unique.

    Love you,

    1. Dawn, the Urban Parks Challenge will not take up much time or have any set deadlines, so it is very non-stressful. My brother-in-law Ken is the originator of the Challenge. He is a Norwegian/Scotsman born in Kenya, lived in Singapore for three years and worked all over the South Asia Pacific area. Now settled in Montreal, he and my sister have many international Facebook friends that love photography and so created a closed group on Facebook to share our chosen park photos. I think you would have fun putting together a little group for the same kind of challenge.

  3. That is a serious fungus on that tree, wow!! Love the vintage train tracks too!

  4. Love the tracks and fungus shots!

  5. Wonderful pictures. All are striking. Your word got my attention because my Middle name is on the sign. Thanks

  6. Love your train tracks. I also love that you made something like "fungus" look beautifull!

  7. Your whole set is really cool. But I love the fungus. I know they aren't what most people would find interesting, but I love the texture and colors they have.

  8. I am always mesmerized by train tracks! Not sure why that is...but it is :). You have a fun collection this week.

  9. I also love the train tracks! In my dreams we have a miniature train going through our forest here... it always makes me joyous to have the kids and grand kiddies waving to all the wildlife and the conductor, my sweet husband himself... cheering everyone along their way...
    your sign when I first looked at it was carved in but since you said to look at it differently I can only see them raised now... crazy fun!
    I love that you chose a sign... like Dawn did in her photo shoot!
    Your park and any photos from it are always my favourites... I know that park and have spent many a time hiking with the children through it the year we lived in Simon Fraser University for Eduardo's PDP.

    1. What year did you live down here, Susan? Glad you have had a chance to experience one of my favourite parks.

  10. I receive your posts by e-mail, I have really enjoyed peeking over your shoulder as you take pictures. One day maybe I'll be brave enough to try.

  11. I love your park photos. They are so crisp and sharp looking...nice job taking great photos. I really love the last one...the mushroom. So cool!!!

  12. The perspective on those tracks is great! Well done!

  13. Well done! Gotta love when you can snatch them all up in one go ;D Love the tracks shot and the ducks.

  14. Fabulous set. I love the photo of the tracks.
    Yes, I saw the 2 different ways the letters looked in the sign (how cool is that).
    I didn't get around to doing SHS this week but wanted to let you know that I loved your photos.

  15. Oh, those vintage tracks! But they're all eye-catchers!
    Your work is amazing Andrea Dawn.

    May God grant you many years to live,
    For sure he must be knowing.
    The earth has angels all too few.
    And heaven is overflowing.

  16. Woof! Great hunts!
    And thanks for your greetings!
    Kiss your furries for me.
    Now did you eat a cake for me?

  17. Beautiful memories and a wonderful way to tell your story!

  18. Andrea Dawn, this was so good! It all made me smile. Even that last picture – even though it's just a big fungus – a pretty fungus – but just fungus – you might be able to tell I don't heart mushrooms much. But the ducks – you're right – who can't love the ducks! And that miniature train – I hearted that! And that sign – it really IS an optical illusion. Smiling as I type this – thank you Andrea Dawn – and God bless and keep you!

  19. Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt! I do see the optical illusion in the sign - very interesting! And I especially like the ducks!
    I scrolled down to your "I am from" post - its really great! So very touching to read. How wonderful to know you family history that far back into the past.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie


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