Sunday, 4 November 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 55

I was just not feeling the hunt this week and had settled it with myself that it was okay to just take a little break.  It's been such an emotional week at home and abroad and I was finding it hard to focus on the prompts.  Then I visited Ramblings and Photos just to enjoy what others had posted and wouldn't you know, you all inspired me to get it together.  Kathy who blogs at You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, was struggling to put the hunt together this week too, but her words were what finally persuaded me to get back on board.  (Love her work and her sense of humour.)
So, here's what I've got . . .

1. Wild
 Though nothing even remotely comparable to what the east coast of the US experienced this past week, the weather here was a little on the wild side with high winds and rain, rain and more rain.  These lovely bright leaves were no match for the gusty winds and were cast to the ground in random splotches of red.

2.  Welcome
 A short reprieve from the incessant rain was a welcome sight and produced a glorious going down of the sun and a rainbow just minutes after I took this shot.  I was in the car so didn't catch the rainbow with the camera.

3.  Adventure
 She looks sooo innocent, doesn't she?  Don't be fooled.  Shortly after this photo was taken, Gracie rode shotgun while her partner in crime, Zack, dove into the bag where a skein of wool was resting while Alison worked on her knitting loom.  With a mouthful of wool, he high-tailed it across the main floor, up the staircase, down the hall and into the back bedroom.  I heard the outbreak of laughter from my suite and went to investigate.  I followed the line of soft orange yarn from the den, through the kitchen, over to the staircase, up the stairs, down the hall and into the back room where I found the miscreant kittens feigning ignorance of the crime.  Such grand adventures they have, these little fur-babies.

4.  Vibrant
The freshly fallen leaves are more vibrant than those that have been down a while longer.

5. Classic
And now for a little archived humour . . . the classic "Pee-Pee Dance". 
Taken at the Pacific National Exhibition in August.  The line-ups for the washrooms were quite long at times.


  1. Glad Kathy inspired you as you put together a fine set of shots. Got a chuckle at the classic dance in your last shot.

  2. Glad you got on board, because these are gorgeous!! Have a peaceful week!

  3. Well I am sooooo happy I can inspire someone!!! I seem to strikeout every time when it comes to my own family :). Seriously tho...such kind words, thank you. Totally lovin that last shot...thanks for the morning chuckle!!!

  4. Oh what a great set and great stories...the kitty story is wonderful. I can just imagine the trail of wool...and the pee pee dance, oh I have done that way too many times and it seems to be getting more frequent...damn.

  5. So happy you decided to give it a go because these are wonderful.
    Love the Wild shot of those bright red leaves.
    Adventure is just so cute - I had one of our furry kitties trying to steal a ball of twine last night.
    Classic just cracks me up.

  6. your stories with these shots were lovely! Especially the adventure and classic :)
    Thanks for the chuckles Andrea

  7. Great shots, Andrea - love that sky in Welcome!

  8. I've always loved pictures of fallen leaves, Andrea. It must be something about the leaf's willingness to let go of life -- very Zen. Being one directly affected by "Sandy", I can certainly appreciate being no match for the wild winds. Thankfully, Greg and I were spared the worst. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and inspiration. :)

  9. love the classic shot... too funny! my fav was the sun rise after the storms... nice... =) glad all is calm now... so to speak! and Kathy cracks me up too! =)


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