Sunday, 28 October 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 54

Well, I am definitely late out of the gate this time around but had many things on my plate yesterday.  Then at the end of the day, around 9 pm PST, there was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in my province of British Columbia, complete with tsunami warnings as far off as Hawaii.  Needless to say I was glued to the TV hungry for updates and praying everyone was okay.  Thankfully, no injuries and little to no damage to people and property reported and as of today the tsunami warnings have all been lifted.  

Now to the hunt . . .

1.  Patterns
This sewing grandma has a number of patterns she would like to make for her little misses.

2.  Machine
An old school coffee grinding mill on display at work.

3.  Signs or Logos 
 This little sign at work bears the logo of one of our best-selling organic coffees.

 4. Rocks or Stones 
 This one I pulled from my trip to Crescent beach a few weeks back.  
Love the silhouette effect of the boy on the rock.

5.  Sparkle
Snowflake, the Build-A-Bear Bunny in her party dress with sparkly sequins on the bodice.

Have a great week, everyone and keep your eyes peeled for those perfect shots for next week's prompts. 
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  1. These are beautiful! Love the take on pattern, very creative! Rocks is great too!

  2. Great take on pattern!!! Love it. And the bear's pretty sparkles makes any girl smile.

  3. Good photos all, but rocks is really special!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Dog and the Trombone organic coffee? That was my favorite.

    I am so glad you are safe considering the 7.7 earthquake and the predicted tsunami. On this side of the continent we are battening down for Hurricane Sandy. In the midst of it all I watch Ann's video and go through the whole eucharisteo, charis, chara declension from her book. It is so powerful and just what I needed to praise in the midst of all this. It is so good knowing you and you knowing Ann through your son marrying her sister. I truly believe He orchestrated this. It's just TOO amazing.

    Love you till heaven and beyond,

  5. Great set.
    I wondered if anyone would use actual "Patterns" for the prompt - Way to go.
    Rocks is really a nice shot and I like the Sparkle bunny shot too.

  6. Andrea, I like the stories your photos suggest. The old pattern picture is wonderful as is that bright red grinder.

  7. What a perfect take on pattern! Creative.

  8. hi there! the rocks shot is absolutely beautiful ... the light that reflected the boy's silhouette could have been a good option for the photo to be classified in "sparkle" ... it just glowed! interesting take on patterns as well :)


  9. What a great idea for "pattern"! Wow...those patterns flash me immediately back to being a kid and my mom making all my clothes.

  10. Great shots, Andrea - love Pattern!

  11. Beautiful photos, Andrea. I think I might have a Daisy Kingdom pattern lying about somewhere, too. What pretty clothes they had.

    Have a good week, cousin!

  12. Great pictures. Machine and logo's made me smile. Thanks

  13. Nice shots - all of them! The pattern makes me nostalgic for making clothes for my daughter and myself
    a half a century ago :) That's a beautiful pix of the boy walking on the beach.


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