Saturday, 20 October 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 53

The seasons have definitely changed in these here parts with wind and rain and gray skies making frequent appearances.  The summer clothes are now tucked away for the winter and I am making sure that sweaters and hoodies and gloves and scarves are close at hand.  Just a few final garden chores to do and some bulbs to plant for spring enjoyment . . . just gotta find the time and energy.  

"The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly 
changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools."  
~ Henry Beston

1.  Orange
 From the visit to the pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon.

2. Faceless Portrait
 Not sure if this is what the prompt meant but it is me and it's not my face.  Works for me.

3.  View From the Top
 While pretty much everything else is done, these fall chrysantemums are still beaming their beauty.

4. Cozy
 While driving home in the pouring rain this week, I got stopped in traffic by this inviting scene.  With the gate ajar, I imagined stepping out of the car and popping in for a cozy cup of tea by a crackling fire-place.

5.  Stacked
I work in an industrial area and freight containers stacked four or more high are a common sight.

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  1. Wonderful shot of the pumpkin, I love the pic through the rain smeared window, and being a guy I guess I love the stacked shipping containers.

  2. Cozy photo looks like a painting. I love the effect through the rainy window.

  3. Beautiful pumpkin shot! And such pretty mums - never seen that variety before.

  4. That is such a lovely pumpkin! We don't get them that big over here (or at least I haven't seen them that big yet). :)

  5. Stacked is perfect! Love that pumpkin, it looks perfect in with the corn husks!

  6. Wow! Stacked is intense! And I love view from the top!

  7. So nicely done, visiting from Scavenger Hunt Sunday. My favorite: From the Top.

  8. Lovely set.
    Your Orange Pumpkin shot is really nice. I haven't posted my Pumpkin Patch shots yet.
    Those mums in View from the Top are so pretty and your Cozy shot was dreamy.
    I liked the Stacked shot to.
    Faceless portrait was hard but I think you got it just fine.

  9. my fave shot is stacked. just a brillant shade of blue. And, being able to take a pic of an orange pumpkin with blue in the background. nice.

  10. Nice shots, Cozy!

  11. Love your first three pictures, especially view from above and Orange!

  12. I love cozy the best. I could just look at it all day. It really does invite you in.

  13. I'm enjoying all the pumpkin shots this week and really like your 'cozy' rainy shot - nice hot cup of something would definitely be in order.

  14. Another wonderful collection! I really love the 1st and last shots.

  15. Wonderful photos, Andrea. I like the cozy rain-drops, and also the very last one with the blue and white shipping containers. Very graphic and modern.

  16. summer cottons into its winter wools~ says it all for me and your photos pull it all off! Autumn is here and I love every bit of it! Great photos!


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