Saturday, 6 October 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 51

After a very stressful week at work, a sinus infection and a major meltdown on Thursday night, I am so delighted to have a long weekend.  I spent the first day of the Thanksgiving weekend (Canada) taking a mental health day.  I got my hair cut, had lunch out, prowled through a couple thrift stores and took a Salted Caramel Mocha with me to Crescent Beach.  It was a glorious day with the sun shining brilliantly and I even took my shoes and socks off and walked in the sand.  Pure delight!  I also collected a small bag of smooth stones to try out an idea my cousin Lorrie posted about at Fabric Paper Thread.
I need to do this more often.
Now it's time to share my finds . . .

1. Shadows
Found this on my beach trip today . . . love the shadows under the eaves on the left.

1. Keys 
 The key to my heart . . . I know, it's pretty corny.

3.  Smile
 "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile; but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

4. Unedited
 Again from my trip to Crescent Beach today . . . love the twinkly water stars.

5. Spice
I never cease to be in awe of the infinite variety of colours, shapes and fragrances found in nature.
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

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  1. A trip to the beach can be so restorative - but you know that already. Enjoy working with the beach stones - I enjoy handling mine each year, consciously giving thanks for each blessing.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Cousin Andrea.

    Your photos are, as always, interesting and well-thought out. I hope you have a restful weekend.

  2. Lovely photos each of them !!!!! Spice is so spicy, keys beautiful ...I like them all !

    Have a nice Sunday !

  3. Sometimes you just NEED to take a day to restore yourself....glad your trip to the beach helped! I love the unedited shot. It looks so peaceful and the sparkle of the sun on the water is gorgeous.

  4. Fantastic pictures. Keys is just fabulous!

    Herding Cats

  5. Great pictures. Shadow and spice got me this week. Thanks as always.

  6. Great set of pictures, like that first shot too. Hope you find inner peace with your time off (we've all been there - some of us have frequent flyer points from so many visits). Enjoy!

  7. Nice shots, Andrea - love Keys!

  8. Love the keys, and those stars on the water are amazing!! Happy week to you!

  9. These are great! Hope you are taking it easy and enjoying your Thanksgiving!

  10. Super set. I enjoyed all of your photos but I think my favorites were: Unedited, love the sparkle on the water and the Spice shot, so pretty.

  11. I love the sparkles on the water too! Pretty cool.
    I also love the variety of flowers for spice. Way to get creative for that prompt!

  12. I had the grandkids. I simply could not pull off the Scavenger Hunt, but seeing the lovelies from your camera made me feel a part of it anyway. I also love the stars on the water. How wonderful that happened spontaneously! God has a star lens, does He?

    Hugs, Dear Friend,

  13. the stars on the water... beautiful! your r&r sounded heavenly.

  14. a lovely trip with you today through the lens of your camera! I am off to milk some baas and walk a while with our wonderful Lord... will be talking about you and so many beloveds... telling Him how thankful I am for you all :)
    Blessings dear friend

  15. unedited is my fav!! and the beach... well... I wish everyday was a beach day! my hubs is Canadian... we lived in BC for 8 years... children born there... ;) now we are south of the border... but we celebrate both Thanksgivings! we went to Dickey's BBQ and then had home made pumpkin pie last night... usually I cook turkey... but I wasn't up for it this year! =) anyway... happy thanksgiving!

  16. Love your keys- I really struggled with that one.


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