Friday, 2 August 2013

Photo Art Friday, 2 August 2013

Photo Art Friday is back . . . how I have missed you.
I love how this link-up challenges me and gets my creativity flowing.
The optional theme this time was flowers with one of our host Bonnie's textures applied as an added element of the piece.  

Here is what I came up with . . .

 This first piece is actually the last one I did.  Geraniums from my daughter's garden with an oil painting filter and Bonnie's "Bamboo Dreams" texture.  I finished up with a frame from picMonkey.

 Here I have a classic rose bush against a cedar fence with a Giger Fine Art filter and Bonnie's "Mother Love" texture.  I finished this one off with a "Dusk" effect in picMonkey.

"The first shall be last" as the saying goes.  Here is my first creation for this month's theme.
A rudbekia in my container garden  with a Fine Art watercolour filter and Bonnie's "Lost and Found" texture.

I see a correlation in my progression of pieces with some circumstances currently in my life where I begin with quite a blurry picture of what is before me and how I feel and what needs to be done.  As I think and pray and process my feelings things begin to come more focused.  Ultimately, things become quite clear and sharp and I see the steps I need to take to bring about the changes I desire.

"I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; 
what I can say is they must change if they are to get better"
~Georg C. Lichtenberg

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  1. Beautiful images.

  2. I agree...beautiful photo art!

  3. I can't decide which I like the best. they are all so pretty. I just love the quote as well!

  4. Beautiful, I am pleased I don't have to choose a favourite, I would struggle. Like Kara, I love the quote and would like it in my collection.

  5. Such gorgeous pieces, Andrea! Your editing choices are fab. Each one grabbed my attention, but my fav is the last one - looks like an abstract painting!!!

  6. oh how I love the depth and discovery in your art, Andrea!! I could lose myself [and happily so] in each one. I especially enJOY what you wrote about your own process.

    change is the one constant and as we "change" our photographs into "photo art" we are changed by the serendipity and possibility.

  7. Lovely work, Andrea! I enjoyed them all, but my favorite is the first (or last) one with the geraniums! Really fabulous! God's word is a light unto our path. Visually, we can imagine that His lamplight only illuminates enough of the path for us to step forward, slowly with faith. Have a blessed week!

  8. I love how your art expresses your life circumstances and is, most likely, a part of the process of coming to clarity. When you posted them you started with the clear and took us to the blurry. It seems like you are on the edge of a breakthrough. I am in love with the first one (the one you did last). Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us.

    1. You are so right, Dawn . . . it is part of the process. I did not make the connection to my own circumstances until all the processing was done and I spent some time just studying them and letting them speak to me.

  9. Geranium with the Bamboo Dreams treatment immediately took me back to what I imagine as the golden times of Singapore and the Raffles Hotel. Interesting how images trigger memories - even imagined ones.

  10. Wow that last piece with the Bamboo texture is amazing. Love it. - All 3 were quite lovely but that one really stood out.

  11. Wonderful flowers. Thanks for your comments. I think it is a hoverflies on my picture. I am very bad in english so I write in swedish. Ha de gott.

  12. Nice pictures. I like the middle one best.

  13. Your edits are so wonderful, Andrea. Gorgeous images result. Art does imitate life, doesn't it?

  14. Beautiful edits! I think my favourite is the first one. I love the Asian feel.


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