Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rhythmic Grace

I slip into my bed at the end of the day,
I yawn and I sigh, I read and I pray.
The things on my heart I place into His hands,
He knows all that has happened and He understands.

All the words that were said and the things left undone
Leave me ever so grateful that He is the One . . .
Who promised new mercies at dawning of day,
His goodness and mercy companion my way.

The burdens are lifted, no need for alarm,
My Shepherd has found me, I rest in His arms.

And while I sleep . . .

He gives His beloved rest.
He renews my strength.
He restores my soul.

He breathes on broken dreams 
and hope springs to life once more.
He sings over me, dances round about me.
Whispers mysteries in my ear.

As the darkness gives way to morning's first light,
I stretch and I yawn and smile with delight.
My spirit is singing the song that I heard
From the lips of my Shepherd, how precious those words.

I step into the day full of promise and hope
With Him at my side I'm convinced I can cope
With whatever should happen, be it happy or sad
If I get frustrated, excited or mad.

And at the end of the day, I'll slip into my bed . . .

©Andrea D. Olsen, 13 August 2013


  1. Dear One, I was teaching Sunday School and the topic was light and darkness and the creation of day and night. I reflected to the children how comforting it was that we could count on day and night always coming, over and over again and how scary it would be if we could not count on that sameness. Your title 'Rhythmic Grace' encapsulated that comfort in God's rhythms in our lives. You always do that for me. Take all my scattered thoughts, loose phrases and dangling pieces of left over whatevers and nail them down succinctly. I love your last sentence: so skillfully crafted to bring the reader full circle...to begin again. Ahhhh, precious!

  2. You have brought me to tears this morning... yes. Yes, you have. :) Thank you Andrea.

  3. Such lovely words. So thankful that His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness never ends.

  4. Yes, lovely words!


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