Monday, 8 August 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 1 - 50

While I have been recording my thank-you's to God in a journal since first reading Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts, the format of my first blog, WORD Pictures, did not allow for sharing them on-line.  With this new site up and running, I am tickled to be able to join the ranks of those who share via the internet.

I am going to start with #1 in my journal and try to play catch-up over the following weeks on Mondays . . . some of them will only make sense with this in mind.

1.  Walking slower, seeing more
2.  Kitten "Gracie" licking the ink on this page as I write - she knows she is not to be on my desk.
3.  Gently removing the kitten-licking-ink, no scolding.
4.  Gift from a friend  . . . a pot of blooming surprise . . . spring bulbs kept secret, have to wait to see what comes up.
5.  Makeup classes for Super School (School of Supernatural Ministry)
6.  Canadian geese on the wing . . . flaps up . . . in for a landing.
7.  Being on time!

8.  Organizing photos
9.  Setting up compost bin
10.  Being on time, again!!
11.  Kitten friend, Zack, lapping up love like warm milk

12.  Dancing through the pain
13.  Grandma Denise dancing with grandson Adam at church, one grownup hand and one baby arm raised in praise to God.
14.  Warm kiss of sun on my cheek as I drive in my car.
15.  School finished - diploma and transcript received
16.  Reading aloud the last chapter of "One Thousand Gifts" . . . tears streaming down my face.
17.  My shadow . . . Gracie.  Funny, mischievous, demanding, cuddly, Gracie.

18.  Blessed with all spiritual blessings . . . Ephesians 1:3
19.  New days, new mercies
20.  A Holy Experience - the blog    (check it out here
21.  One Thousand Gifts - the book     (
22.  Linda M., broken and spilled out for love of You, Jesus
23.  Being asked if I was "60 or over, yes?" while shopping.  (The answer is no.)
24.  Valentine House

Saw this while out and about in February
25.  Driving with the windows rolled down  . . . in February
26.  Fire Tunnel at Super School
27.  "I love you"  from a friend.
28.  Early birthday presents
29.  "Oh, how He loves us" -  listen here
30.  A finished project

Crocheted hats for my granddaughters.

31.  Days getting longer
32.  Birthdays  . . . mine!
33.  Turkey and cheddar on sunflower bread with a hint of Dijon mustard (birthday lunch)

Yummy sandwich and a grande decaf toffee nut latte with my girls, Shannon and Ali.
34.  Blue skies and sunshine when the forecast was rain.
35.  Singing "Happy Birthday" message on my phone from my granddaughters and daughter-in-law.  Each voice giving their own greeting . . . "Happy Birthday, Grandma".
36.  Birthday greetings from FaceBook friends
37.  Birthday card from my big sister, Kari.
38.  Old photos . . . what a beautiful young woman my grandmother Irma was.

39.  Chicken wings . . .  yum!
40.  Listening to old hymns sung new ways
41.  Healing prayer
42.  Finding my song
43.  First leaves breaking the soil - Ema's bulbs

44.  Oranges spurting juicy goodness
45.  His banner over me is love.
46.  Handicap parking space.
47.  Bacon sizzle aroma
48.  Morning stroll, checking spring bulbs
49.  Turkey drumstick, rice and good  gravy . . . no mix. After all these years I can finally make a decent turkey gravy.
50.  Encouraging words at Super School

* Photographer unknown for old photo of my grandmother.

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