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A blogging friend, Craig, at Deep Into Love and Deep Into Scripture asked me if I have pictures of my kitten, Gracie on my blog.  As the answer is no, I figure I had best rectify that.  She was a Christmas gift to me from my daughter and she has been another one of the ways God speaks to me. 

In my younger days, I did not like cats . . . I was even known to use the "h" word.  Cats were snooty, independent, unaffectionate . . . I would definitely never own a cat.  When my kids were little, we moved to a small community (population 400-ish) out in the country and soon discovered I had to make a choice about which I preferred - cats or mice.  Shasta came on the scene and quickly took care of the problem.  As long as she was around, the mice stayed out of the house. But I didn't like her . . . not one bit.  I was grateful that she controlled the rodent population but . . . did I mention I didn't like her.  When my daughter was diagnosed with asthma and allergies (including cats) it became apparent that the inside cat would have to become an outdoor cat. 

And thus began a battle royal.  I would put the cat outside and it seemed like before I even had the door closed she was back in.  Somehow she was able to get under the house and come up through the floor where the well pump was in a back room. I was livid.  Over and over I would toss her out and that darn cat always got back in.  We finally had to give her away and I was more adamant than ever . . . I did not like cats and would never own another.

Then I met Chloe, a friend's cat, who, inexplicably, liked me . . . even loved me. Every time I would visit, Chloe would come right up to me, jump in my lap, head-butt me, looking for scratches and snuggles. It would seem that, perhaps, I had misjudged cats. I started to like THIS cat who had softened my heart towards her kind of critters.

Which got my daughter and friend to thinking that a kitten would be a great present for me. 
They were right . . . she's purr-fect!
She is a Himalayan/Ragdoll with six toes on each of her front paws.

She makes me laugh so much.
     (a merry heart is good medicine)
She follows me around and loves to be close to me.
     (I will never leave you or forsake you)
She relentlessly goes after pesky flies when they get in the unscreened window.
     (Spiritual warfare anyone)

So without further ado, I give you,
Gracie . . .

Me and my auntie Shannon . . . my first day with my new mommy.

When I was little - 4 months.

Aren't I just the cutest!

Mommy . . . pay attention to me!

One of my favourite sitting spots.

Sometimes I let Mommy sit in MY chair.

I like to sleep here when Mommy works on her computer.

I like to sleep a lot!

I love to help Mommy with her sewing.

I help Mommy with crocheting, too.
(well really I just want the hook or the scissors or the yarn).

I remind Mommy to check her daybook and write notes.
(But I really just want to play with the pen)

 Sometimes we check out blogs together and I try to catch that wiggly thing.

This is my buddy Zack . . .  I live in the basement suite, he lives in the main house. 
We have lots of fun together and sometime we fight or get into mischief. 
One time we were playing in the windowsill and got caught in the curtains and pulled them down and bent the curtain rod. But Mommy didn't even yell at us, she just laughed and fixed it.
Isn't she wonderful!

P.S.   Craig, I think we are both right . . . I don't own another cat . . . Gracie OWNS me!  And it is good!

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  1. All smiles Andrea Dawn. Adorable - and the "talking" shot - awesome - and the video - and how she won your heart - ((((heart)))) and when Laska was little and broke everything breakable in sight – I also never got angry – I just smiled. You just can't get angry at them can you?God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Andrea Dawn :)I'm glad Gracie owns you and protects you from evil flies.


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