Sunday, 12 August 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 43

Getting at this a little later than usual but decided to take the pressure off and just relax.  I have been job hunting for months since I got the okay to work again after my knee surgery and this week I got a job . . . so thankful.  I start in two weeks so I have a little time to get back in 9-5 mode.
I had fun with the prompts this week and look forward to seeing what you all put together.

1.  Mobile
 My little phone doesn't do pictures so you get the other kind of mobile . . . and this one has a mobility theme so that works out well.  Now, I could have also used this for hanging by a thread, but five pictures is more fun than four, so . . . 

2. Hanging By a Thread
 The handy dandy spray bottle helps to highlight the many 'threads' that make up this temporary 'home' for a spider . . . whoops, I did it again.

3.  Collage
 Housesitting last night for a friend who is a doll/character/figurine artist, I was inspired to make a collage of this piece.

4. Look on the Bright Side
 Early morning sun highlights the dew on the bright side of this beauty.

5. Home
Need I say more?  I think not.

Having trouble with the code for the Scavenger Hunt button so here's the link to get to Ashley's Sisk's Rambling and Photos.
See you there . . .


  1. These are great, Andrea Dawn! Love that spider's web!

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I just linked to Ashley--right next to you! So awesome! This set is your usual high quality work. You always find such interesting subject matter. I love the collage, simply inspiring. You also know such interesting people. I see that next week one of the prompts is coffee or tea. You are already a tea fanatic, now that you work for a fair trade coffee house, it's going to be beverage-mania here at the Art of Life. I am SO excited!

    Homemade dew on the spider web was brilliant, I might add.

    Leaving happy now,

  3. Great shots, Andrea! Love that spider web!

  4. Your set is so fun and interesting.
    Loved the Hanging By a Thread Web (I'll have to try the spray bottle on my spidersweb).
    Great collage of that doll.
    Your look on the bright side is so very pretty.
    Congrats on getting a job. Hope you will still have time for yourself and your photography, I would miss it if you weren't able to post.

  5. Andrea, had to laugh at your trick to spray poor spider's web! But it surely made a lovely photo!

  6. What a pretty "thread" shot. And that rose is just gorgeous. Great shots!

  7. That spider web is perfectly constructed and perfectly photographed. Your collage is so interesting! What a great subject to use!

  8. ...and congratulations on the new job!


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