Sunday, 19 August 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 44

Well I seem to be setting up a pattern here of posting my scavenger hunt finds much later than usual.  As my days are busy with preparations for going back to work that may indeed be the new norm.  No worries . . . I am sure I will still find the time to participate . . . you find time for what's important to you, right?  And making time for creativity and developing my photography skills are something I am quite intentional about.  
So let's get on with the show . . .

1.  Forest
 I'm sure this duck would consider that thick patch of lily pads a forest.

2. Morning Light
 I discovered this gorgeous bank of hydrangeas in my neighbourhood on Tuesday and came back to capture it in morning light on Friday.

3.  Touch
 I went to a free concert in the park last night with a friend and this little guy (Reinhardt, by name) was sitting with his master just in front of us.   He was well behaved but would occasionally start barking at another furry pet in the crowd.  Just one touch from his master's hand would settle him again . . . at least for a while.

4.  Newspaper
 I am drying some of my hydrangea branches to enjoy over the winter and dressed them up with some newspaper and a bow for this shot.

5.  Coffee or Tea
Love the colour of my daughter's teapot.

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  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I was so happy to read in the intro about your preparing to go back to work. It encouraged me. I am beginning my second week tomorrow morning and just knowing you are beginning, too, helps me be a little less nervous.

    Your duck picture thrilled my heart. What a great perspective1 I took Luke to feed the ducks while he was here but I didn't get any pictures of that activity. This surely could have been one of them!

    This morning in church, my friend, Lynn, took some cut hydrangeas and put them in a vase without water. I said, "Do you want me to go to the creek and get some water?" She explained to me that they didn't need because she was just letting them dry (much like you show here). How interesting how our lives cross each other so many times like this!


  2. I love your story about the dog and what a great shot to go along with it!

  3. Beautiful collection of pics! I really love "forest" - the duck, the lily pads, the ripples in the water. I also like the newspaper around the hydrangeas - very creative!

  4. I wonder how many hydrangeas I have hung out to dry in my days???? They have to be my favorites! I'm not sure I could have walked by those beautiful bushes and not picked even one!!!!! Loved how you wrapped your bouquet in newspaper and ribbon. Just perfect! And the puppy is so cute. Something you could just grab and take home with you!

  5. I just love your newspaper!

  6. Beautiful moments captured there - Reinhardt is so cute!

  7. Such pretty, pretty images. The bank of hydrangeas is really a sight!! And yours wrapped in newspaper will be gorgeous when dried. Love that little dog and best wishes to you as you go back to work.

  8. What a wonderful set.
    The Duck in his forest of lily pads is delightful.
    I must say though that your Morning Light shot "stole the show" for me, how divine!
    Great shot for Newpaper, I've never had much luck growing a Hydrangea.
    Cute little dog in your Touch shot and I do like the colors of the Teapot shot.

  9. Gorgeous shots! love your take on forest :)

  10. lovely shot of the pup and love the newspaper on the flowers... brilliant! ;)

  11. Beautiful photos, Andrea - I especially love those hydrangeas in Morning Light!


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