Saturday, 22 September 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 49

I have so enjoyed my first full weekend off since starting my new job.  Last week I had to give up my biweekly companion visits with an elderly lady as I was really needing more down time to alleviate the stress of learning the ropes and trying to bring order to an office run amok.  I spent the entire week reconciling bank statements from April and May . . . somewhat of a nightmare but feels so good to get them out of the way. I am hoping to take care of June, July and August this week coming.  

Now to reveal my finds for this weeks Scavenger Hunt.
I sure do love this photo challenge and what a great bunch of people to link up with. 
 Thanks to all my fellow 'SHS'ers . . . you really do impress and inspire me.

1a.  Cracked
 When my daughter was in high school she wanted to be a marine biologist, so this stained glass Orca seemed like a good choice for a graduation gift.  We were both very disappointed to find it had sustained some damage in a move.

1b.  Cracked
 Close up of the cracks in the stained glass.  It is still a beautiful piece.

2.  Fallen
 This sunflower had fallen to the ground but still lifted its head to follow the sun.

3. Ordinary Colour
 The ordinary colour of my car's dash is a deep gray . . . this is so much more fun.

4.  Bokeh
 I was delighted to find such pretty bokeh in this shot . . . I've never had them turn out this shape before.

5.  Fence
This shot is from my archives . . . view across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario.  Set in place against the wrought iron fence is the Canadian Police Memorial.

As summer slips away and we officially step into autumn, I hope you all have a blessed week and enjoy the fall colours and cooler temperatures.  
Linking with Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos.


  1. Love the edit in fallen, the bokeh is beautiful and I LoVe the fence shot!! Glad things are going well for you at your new job!!

  2. Your fallen picture is fabulous. I like your fence picture too.

    Herding Cats

  3. This was such a joyful, hopeful, yeah-fall post. How DID you get the bokeh that shape? Did it just "happen"?

    Love, Dawn

    1. It just happened, Dawn . . . probably couldn't do it again if I tried to. :)

  4. Nice processing of the sunflower. The angle of the fence phot gives a super city view.

  5. That fence is amazing and that view wow!! Hope you find some downtime! I know the feeling as well lately.

  6. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's Bokeh shots! Yours is beautiful. That wrought iron fence is amazing and the perfect frame for that view.

  7. Fallen is so pretty, and I adore that fence shot! Have agreat week!

  8. Love your set!! My favorite is the bokeh shot! So beautiful!! I also love your POV on the fence shot!

  9. Nicely done - really love bokeh.

  10. Great job with your bokeh! It can sure be challenging to get a good one!

    I also love the fence.

  11. Great set. Your edit of the "Fallen" sunflower is so lovely.
    My favorite shot, Fence. It's such a bold fence and the view behind it is awesome.

  12. your Bokeh and fence are wonderful!Truly my favourites!

  13. Your Bokeh shot looks so beautiful. And I LOVE your editing. Well done.

  14. What fun photos. I love the way you've played with them. Here's hoping the books get straightened out very soon.

  15. Great bokeh and the sunflower is just wonderful. Thanks

  16. Love those fleur de lis on the Fence!


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