Saturday, 1 September 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 46

Well, I did it . . . I survived my first week of work at the new job.  I seriously had my doubts before I started that I would have enough energy to get through the week, but you know what they say . . . "One day at a time".  Hey that's a song isn't it?

One day at a time, sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking from you,
give me the strength to do everything that I have to do.
Yesterday's gone, sweet Jesus, and tomorrow may never be mine.
Help me today, Lord show me the way, one day at a time.

And that's pretty much how it went.  
I learned so much in just a week's time and it really is the perfect job for me.  I am gonna love it.  Here is the link for the website if you would like to take a peek around.

Okay, on to the hunt . . .

1.  Candid
 Wedding at the beach . . . I have no idea who those people are.

2.  Toys
 Big boy (or girl) water toys.

3.  Five Senses
 A second round of blooms from my hybrid tea rose, "Elle". 
 A feast for the eyes and the fragrance is just heavenly.

4.  Batteries
 Nothing like some beach time to recharge my batteries.

5.  Half
. . .  give me your answer true,
I'm HALF crazy, over the love of you . . .

So glad I got most of these on Sunday last week because I had no oompha left to play after work.  But, yippee, it's a long weekend and hopefully I will catch some play time . . .
 Happy Labour Day to all.

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  1. I love the one for toys! Very imaginative.

    1. I was unable to comment on your site, so I will do it here. Love your cupcake shot and Amelia is just adorable. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I new to this but I love all of your photos.

  3. Great shots, Andrea - love that rose in 5 Senses!

  4. Congrats on surviving the first week, I am sure you are doing great! Love candid and toy, I love stand up paddle boarding!

  5. Beautiful shots!! The colors in the flower one are beautiful!

  6. Great pictures as always. Senses is just wonderful. Candid is a fun shot. Sorry for not posting comments for a couple weeks. I have enjoyed looking at your shots. You do a great job. Thanks

  7. lovely set of photos this week - glad you are enjoying your new job!

  8. Such a nice batch! That rose shot is just beautiful!

  9. They are all great! The toys shot is my favorite.

  10. Well done with this week's words - really like the candid capture.

  11. Lovely set. Really like your candid, half, and that rose is amazingly beautiful! Have a super week.

  12. What a great set. Fun and creative.
    Candid - Perfect and what a lovely setting for their wedding.
    Toys - This I think is my favorite from your set.
    5 Senses - Very pretty.
    Batteries - Wonderful interpretation.
    Half - Clever!

  13. What a great set! Really drawn to the seagull!

  14. your pictures are very clever. Cracked up that you included a CANDID wedding shot of someone you didn't know. Yep! I need to drive down to the beach this evening. Tidying the patio & garden area - gotta reward myself for completing the task. Ha!

  15. I love how you got the picture of the wedding couple, and what a good idea that was on their part. I love Daisy, Daisy, too--both your picture, the text and the song.

    All the best this week at work (our short week)! Thanks for the tip to do one day at a time.

  16. A fun set of photos, Andrea. I love the batteries photo. At first I was looking for batteries littered on the beach - I'm so glad there were none.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend to recharge!

  17. Congrats on surviviving your first week! The first week is always the most exhausting! Your photo of your rose is beautiful. I really wish I could enjoy its fragrance...there is nothing like the scent of a rose :)


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