Friday, 8 March 2013

Creativity is Spiritual

Here I am a little late to the party again but I sure did enjoy Bonnie's challenge this week for Photo Art Friday. Working primarily with textures and perhaps a single other image of our choice, we were to produce an abstract piece to hang in the gallery this week. I started out early in the week and came up with the image below fairly quickly.  It consists of a background layer of pdpa "Blank Page", a layer of pdpa "Splashes of Gold" and 2 layers of pdpa "Leafy Landscape" with one of them flipped vertically.  I do not remember the blend modes but I did make some adjustments to the brightness and contrast.  The piece sat in that state for five days before I got back to it and added the quote.  

The next two images are built upon the first with the addition of another texture layer, pdpa "Golden Bokeh". Using the "difference" blend mode the colours just popped in a delightful palette of blues and greens that I am totally smitten with.

This final image was flipped both vertically and horizontally and has an additional image layer  . . . a single tulip.  A different opacity percentage shifted the colour range in some parts of the piece but it still is clearly related to the one above .

I am very pleased with the way these all turned out.  I feel like the intensity of the colours matches the range of emotions I have experienced over these last weeks dealing with some difficult health issues and that is why the quote I chose resonates so deeply with me.  Some things are just too hard to articulate any other way and engaging in the creative process allows me to express what I don't have words for.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.
Take some rest and have some fun.
Blessings, dear friends,
Andrea Dawn.


  1. I really appreciate that you took the challenge as a way to express your feelings.....I too release so much energy through various forms of the way, your examples are awesome....

  2. Great work Andrea. I especially like the last one.

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    1. I couldn't agree with you more ... creativity is spiritual on so many different levels. Your abstracts are consuming ... I immediately felt there was meaning in each of them. The first is inspiring and the colors uplifting. The last two reflect the mood that I hear in your words. So sorry you are dealing with health issues ... that can be very draining. I love the blues (I am a blue and green fanatic). So much beauty can be found in quiet sadness and the last one makes me think of hope reaching out to you or whoever is viewing the painting. It amazes me that sometimes we do our best work when we aren't feeling well. My compliments ...

      Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. You are so right Andrea about being creative. Without photography I think at this time in my life it is an absolute necessity to be able to be creative. I especially like your quote in the top photo and your colors are so deep in color and so your expression of feelings I assume must go deep also. Art with words unspoken can portray a whole spectrum of feelings if you really study the lines and the colors they do not need words.

    Dealing with major health issues is not easy as I know first hand from my own and dealing with Leukemia. That is why creating with photos has become such a passion of mine because it helps me to think about other things and not my illness and for me being creative is a very big part of my days now and keeps me centered. I hope that you are feeling better and with Spring right around the corner it can't help to lift your spirits. Hugs, Kathleen

  5. Awesome work Andrea. They are very powerful and beautiful.

  6. I've never thought of it like that! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh I so understand the healing and helping aspects of making art, BEing creative, and allowing that energy to carry me through health challenges. I had a very difficult week last week with pain and losing myself in digitally fiddling with my PAF and other things was so very helpful. I didn't realise it until after when I could see the parts of my days that were less painful. I would have thought it didn't work this way, but when I see your transformative process and results, I remembered how that worked for me.

    These are truly some of the most evocative pieces I have seen and I can truly FEEL you in each one.

    Just BEautimous and know that you are sent much love and healing, every day...

  8. Such beautifully powerful images...

  9. These are beautiful pieces, Andrea, reflecting your heart and your mind. I love the quote and what you've done with it.

  10. praying for you dear friend and thankful that in the hard times you are so beautifully creative~ That in itself will bring healing
    amazing colour!

  11. Oh, these are gorgeous!! I love them all!


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