Friday, 1 March 2013

Vintage Themed Photo Art Friday

When the theme of "Vintage" was announced for this week's Photo Art Friday gallery my mind flew off in several directions at once.  Should I use photos from the 50's and 60's where vintage items would naturally be involved or should I use textures to create a vintage feel.

My first pieces are vintage Olsen kids (me and my sibs) . . .
I used 2 different filters and 1 layer of pdpa "Antique Me" at Hue 24%
 The middle child, Dallas Birk, perched on the back of a truly vintage automobile - 1942 Buick.

Next we have the rest of us.  My older sister Kari Jane is holding Martha Lorraine and I am holding her twin brother, Mark Leroy. This has always been a favourite family photo.
Comic Book filter and levels adjustment.

Later in the week some lighthouse shots I had taken came to mind and I thought they would be perfect to play with some vintage textures.  I really love how the first one turned out  . . .

Lyrics from "Lighthouse" by Phillipa Hanna
1 layer pdpa "Vintage Vellum" at Burn 77 %

I am not so sure about this one, but I enjoyed the process of trying different ideas and just being willing to not follow a formula or be too concerned about "getting it right".  It's art, right?  For me it kind of looks like something found in an old scrapbook where the writing from one page has transferred over to the photo from years of being stuck together.
2 layers of pdpa "Vintage Craquelure" and 1 layer pdpa "Signed and Sealed" at various blend modes.
I am looking forward to next week's assignment and seeing what is hanging in the gallery at Bonnie's.
Photo Art Friday


  1. Wow Andrea Dawn each one of these is GREAT. Of course, the memory images are most special - but if I were to hang one on my wall it would be the last.

  2. love the shots of the lighthouse!

  3. Fantastic images, love esp your Lighthouse images.

  4. love the vintage look of the lighthouse. And enjoyed the lyrics to it.

  5. Each photo is charming. I especially love the one with you and your siblings. And is that the Fort Rodd Hill Lighthouse?

    1. Thanks, Lorrie ... and yes, it is Fort Rodd Hill. I went with Shannon and Alison a couple years ago. Great place.

  6. Such sweet family shots.
    Those lighthouse pieces are just gorgeous. I love them both.

  7. You have a beautiful family and wonderful memories. Your pictures, all of them, are perfect. You are right, it is art and your talent has given expression to very different and meaningful feelings ... very nicely done. I have really enjoyed them.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. All beautifully done Andrea. I have always loved the photo of Dallas but this makes it art. As soon as I saw the first part of the image I saw Leighton. The lighthouse with the poem speaks to me at this time of life.....and I know I'll make it home. Home as in coming home to B.C. but also this mortal body is going to make it to my eternal home.

  9. Great artistic touches to the old family photos - gives them a totally new dimension.
    Interesting that the one you are "not sure about" - the one where you were not "too concerned about getting it right" is the one that touches me most. It has a wild, solitary feel about it that resonates. Another great set. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. These family images are wonderfully done...I love those lighthouse images too, perfect processing :)

  11. The family photos are such fun! I love the look on your face, holding the baby. And the boy on the back of the Buick is delightful. I think your treatment of the lighthouse pix worked really well. Great to see such a wide variety of experimenting. Best way to learn!

  12. oh my this is all so delicious. I LOVE the lighthouses and your transformation is exquisite!! and your family photographs make my heart full. how preciously I, too, hold a certain photo of me, in a high chair, with my Moosie, my mum's mother grandmother, and another little series she did of me with my brother. so silly, but it is like BEing able to travel through time...
    thank you for reminding me of those photos by sharing yours.

  13. Neat editing - I especially like the first one with the old automobile!

  14. These are all wonderful...I actually love your last photo and think it looks beautiful! The photo of you and your siblings is precious, and I like that the first image looks so much like a painting. Thank you for sharing!

  15. my dear artist friend ... so fun coming by here today! Life and sharing it is a gift indeed!

  16. Andrea, these are all stunning. What a fabulous old car! And the first lighthouse image is incredible too.


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