Friday, 21 October 2011

Five Minute Friday "Beyond"


Most Fridays, I try to link up with the Gypsy Mama for this fun writing challenge. 
Write for just 5 minutes on the provided prompt . . . this week "Beyond".
It should be just writing, no editing or backtracking.
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Nearly 250 years ago, my paternal ancestors left Switzerland for Germany in an attempt to flee religious persecution.  These Anabaptist forebears eventually fled Germany for the same reason.  Faced with uncertainty they chose to look beyond the continent of Europe and found themselves in America in it's infancy. Many hardships they faced in order to make a new life where they could worship freely their creator, their God.

One hundred years ago, my maternal great-grandparents left Arkansas with their little daughters, heading for Canada.  Her family had been settled there for 5 genereations already. And yet there was something beyond the Ozarks that beckoned them, calling them to come.
My 3X great-grandparents, David Benjamin & Freelove Taylor, Searcy County Arkansas

Eventually these two families joined to become my family.  A family I dearly love.  But I have been called to another family, beyond the natural, beyond the earthly.  Called to the kingdom of love, where my true Father looked beyond my sin, my failures and saw treasure . . . something worth acquiring at great cost.

When I was beyond hope . . . helpless and in despair, He came and rescued me.
Gave me life and love and hope for a future beyond my wildest dreams.



  1. Lovely... family, in all forms, is the most interesting and important history for me. As I live in the "now" I see what my ancestors brought before me and the hope of what possibilities lie ahead and I'm humbled. It is that feeling of connection beyond time that keeps me going some days. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  2. Andrea Dawn,

    I love how you developed the topic "beyond". I was so wrapped up in your earthly heritage that I didn't even see it coming. The essence of your being lies beyond your earthly beautifully developed and superbly written. It makes me want to praise!

    Good night,

  3. I wanted to read have a talent for sharing and making it interesting.

  4. I love your beyond... I can dream about what my earthly beyond could be... being adopted and knowing nothing. My heavenly beyond though I can anticipate with great joy knowing the One who has gone ahead :) and I can dream earnestly!
    Love hearing about your life Andrea Dawn!

  5. What a great take on "beyond." It's humbling to think of the decisions made by our ancestors that made us who we are today.


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