Monday, 3 October 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 410-440

" . . . giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our LORD, Jesus Christ . . ."
Ephesians 5:20

Joining the multitudes who give thanks in this community:

410.  Women gathering together seeking God
411.  Chains falling off locked up hearts
412.  Steady rain . . . watering the earth

413.  Giving help . . . receiving help
414.  Big smiles for a repaired wheelchair
415.  Remembering to top up my cell phone with just minutes to spare
416.  A date for my knee surgery - 6 weeks
417.  Surprise lunch date
418.  People watching . . . . smiling at them as they walk past
419.  Joining in this photo scavenger hunt . . . such fun!

420.  My daughter's hand on my shoulder, her encouraging words
421.  Your name . . . my Strong Tower
422.  Organizing cupboards
423.  Catching a mistake
424.  Hot soapy dishwater feels so good on my hands
425.  Getting the recycle bin out in time for pickup
426.  Checking out my brother-in-laws new blog
427.  Sleeping through the night 2 times in a row
428.  Making a list
429.  Checking things off the list
430.  Transplanting in the garden
431.  Fresh raspberry treat
432.  Glorious going down of the sun

433. Doing a favour
434.  Speaking at the ladies breakfast
435.  Staying in peace
436.  Yummy omelette squares
437.  Thanks for the ladies who prepared food
438.  Gas in the car
439.  Fall planting

440.  My lawn buddy  . . . allows me to garden despite my bad knee


  1. love your list... I love how reading our gratitudes brings the blessing back time after time.
    blessings as your find your rest in Him and wait on Him, who alone knows us and yet 'loves' us.
    He showers us with good gifts! Love your sunset and your dripping leaves!

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I loved especially #419, 427 and 432. I am SO happy you are in the Photo Scavenger Hunt. It blesses my heart. #427 - Sleep is always welcome. I didn't know you struggled with that, but I'm glad you got some. # 432 - That picture is incredibly beautiful. As Susan said, "He showers us with good gifts?"

    Counting down the days till surgery with you,


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