Monday, 17 October 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 474-495

For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God.  2 Corinthians 4:15

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, so I am jumping right in . . .

474.  a place to call home . . .
475.  and a heavenly home
476.  a day to focus on family and thanksgiving
477.  choosing a birthday card
478.  Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law
479.  little one at church practicing being thankful . . . "Thank you for wearing your hair in a bun"

480.  Erin & Leah . . . sisters who prayed for me at church
481.  turkey with trimmings
482.  left-overs
483.  grace for a very trying day
484.  decaf toffee nut latte surprise

485.  planting bulbs with my girl

486.  firm bananas

487.  sunny fall days

488.  the Virginia Creeper I wanted to buy but kept hesitating, went from $20 --> $12 --> $8.  Yay!

489.  to everything there is a season
490.  new shoes that don't pinch (70% off ) . . . such gracious provision
491.  a new blog to follow . . . my daughter's
492.  emails from Ontario
493.  violets blooming non-stop

494.  my sweet Mama . . . what a treasure she was
495.  bird watching of the feline kind . . . good thing she's an indoor cat

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  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    My how Gracie is growing! How beautiful! The sweet little girl at church in bare feet, love it! Need I mention toffee nut latte, I'm moaning here. Taste button alert, taste button alert!

    A home and a heavenly home...the best of all the thank-you's. We definitely were on the same page today, dear Sister.

    Love you, my Sister,

  2. I just loved this today! The tune to "Simple Gifts" is just playing over and over in my head today, and again as I read your list. Shoes that don't pinch! Now THAT is a treasure. All my life, shoes have been the biggest issue ever. I HATE shoes and live in my crocs! So glad I stopped by today. I always love it here!

  3. Andrea Dawn... your gift is so simply beautiful. Your photos are all stunning! Like Cora says," I always love it here!
    I haven't tried toffee nut latte but I make a latte at home here with a drip of real maple syrup. Yum!
    My violets and Christmas cacti are also in full bloom... so glad you have the same enjoyment !
    Cora I understand about crocs...

  4. Dear Susan,

    I can picture you in crocs, but, Cora, I hadn't had that in my mind for you. I know. I know. You garden and turkey vulture chase and train Buster, but... somehow it just hadn't occurred to me. I have revised my thinking. Crocs on all 3 of my cyberladies. Got it!

    You all make me smile,


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