Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Photo Challenge 7

This week I prepared my post by Wednesday and most are from the archives.  I had my knee replacement surgery on Thursday but still wanted to play so had to get it ready to hit publish when I got home.

Check in with Ashley Sisk at Ramblings & Photos to find out how to play . . .

This week we were looking for Before & After (processed image), Opposing Lines, Custom Bokeh, Which Pair of Shoes Should I Wear? and Little Features (Little Hands, Little Feet, etc.)

1. Before
This is the original image taken in Old Quebec City, Quebec in August 2010. 
I love the old stone buildings and the pops of colour

1. After
I have pretty basic photo editing software that came with my scanner but am quite happy with the finished product.  I used a Fine Art - Pastels effect here, a little cropping and adjusted the brightness and contrast a smidge.

2.  Opposing Lines (1)
Opposing Lines found in nature . . . Doran Bay Resort, Morrisburg, Ontario

Opposing Lines (2) 
Some industrial opposing lines . . . this one is fresh this week (not archived).

3.  Bokeh  (not custom)
This is not custom bokeh, but I love it none the less . . . taken at Shannon Falls, BC in August 2011

4.  Which Shoes Should I Wear?
My daughter's collection of flip flops and Crocs . . . the only shoes she will wear . . . year round.  She does have a pair of boots if it snows more than a couple of inches, but that rarely happens.

5.  Little Features
My great-nephew, Oliver . . . lots of little features here, little hands, little ears, little nose.  All tuckered out, sleeping on the couch. 

Lots of great work to be seen linking at Ashley's, head over and take a peak.


  1. Love your opposing lines - great composition. And I actually really like that SOOC.

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Andrea. Love that last sweetest one.

  3. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    My favorite is your grand nephew. It is a magnificent shot. I don't know how you ever got the softness and "real" look to this photo. It's almost as if I could place my finger in his curled hand and he would take it!

    I really loved the opposing lines photos, too. The natural one - elegant; the industrial one - stately! Lastly, how did you ever get that man jumping from the carriage? Wow!

    I am so happy you had enough strength to do something fun. I am encouraged as I meet you here today to share your photos and exchange some words.

    Warm hugs, dear friend,

  4. Lovely set! I'm hope your recovery goes well. I love both of your opposing lines...the lines really do add strength to those imaged...fantastic! Sweet little features!

  5. I love your opposing lines photos and the last shot is so adorable! Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby. :)

  6. I love the first opposing lines! Good find :)

  7. I love your "Opposing Lines" photo, glorious.

  8. you are such an artist! This is the second time I've come back to these... I really just enjoy your photo choices... you seem to always be in the right place at the right time, like with the one legged heron!
    All just beautiful!


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