Saturday, 26 November 2011

SHS Photo Challenge 9

Scavenger Hunt Sunday . . . still playing the handicapped card  . . . to a degree.  Two photos are straight from the archives, one is just a week older than new, a collage created this week and one bona fide fresh shot.  Will not be able to drive for a couple of months yet, so my photo ops are very limited.  Thank you to all you gracious folks for still letting me play along.  Ashley, from Ramblings & Photos announced this weeks prompts as Waiting, Candid, Knife Fork or Spoon, Foliage and Rule of Thirds.

Here are my submissions for this weeks hunt . . . 

1.  Waiting
From the archives, a group of children in period costume waiting for the horse-drawn wagon at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. The village is an expansive representation of 1860's life along the Saint Lawrence River.

2.  Candid
A simple collage of candid photos of my great-nephew Leighton getting snuggles from his Grandpa on his 2nd birthday.

3. Knife Fork or Spoon
Didn't have to leave home for this one.

4.  Foliage
Another archived shot from last year at this time . . . after first frost the rose hips shrivel up while the green leaves hang on a little longer.

5. Rule of Thirds
Heading east for an early morning appointment . . . sun is just rising.  I really love this shot.

Well folks, there you have it.  Be sure to check out the fabulous entries linking with Ashley Sisk.


  1. Love your candid photo and the warm richness of your knife, fork and spoon photo.

  2. I love all of these!! What a cutie in your candid. :)

  3. Love your rule of thirds landscape!

  4. Sweet candids! The last photo is stunning!

  5. Foliage and Waiting are like picture postcards ---beautiful! :)

  6. There is something really amazing about that foliage shot! Love it!

  7. This is a wonderful set - love your first and last shots!

  8. What a great set love your first shot. The last shot is gorgeous.

  9. Awe...that "candid" is a memory in the making. Lovely.


  10. All of these shots are wonderful, Andrea. I especially like the candid one - grandparent snuggles are the best!

  11. a wonderful set of photos! candid is so sweet! The sunrise is lovely!

  12. Well, you may be handicapped, but you sure don't need a handicap when it comes to photography. What an eye! I love each and every one. They make my mind expand and then contract and they focus in and then focus out. What a ride through your lens and such a treat at the end of a long day.

    God bless you, Dear Andrea Dawn!

  13. High Five!!! You did it again... love especially the first one of the 'waiting' category!
    Well done friend ... will pray all night again for you... blessings


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