Saturday, 18 February 2012

SHS Photo Challenge 19

Sure do love searching for just the right shots for each prompt. This week we were looking for  . . . Love (isn't everybody), Duplicate, Trend or Trending, Paper and Plastic.

1.  Love
 My favourite decoration for the Day of Love . . . a thrifted Mason jar painted and embellished . . . so pretty.

2.  Duplicate
I have duplicates of my favourite pens . . . Sarasa Gel Pens and Xeno ballpoint.

3.  Trend or Trending
I don't use Twitter but when I checked what was trending today, Whitney Houston's funeral had just finished and the phrase that was tweeted over and over was these words from a song sung at the end . . . 
"the LORD has spoken, let the church say Amen". 
 That is what inspired this choice from my archives . . . taken in Quebec City, 2010.

4.  Paper
 A pretty paper gift bag . . . got something sweet in it for my birthday last week.

5.  Plastic
My friend Alison has CP and only limited use of her right hand.  This Christmas she received these knitting looms and a whole world of creativity has opened up for her.  You should see her smile.

Thanks to our lovely hostess, Ashley Sisk at Ramblings & Photos.  
Linking up and perusing all the great submissions . . .

Next weeks clues are:
1. Crossed
2. A Glimpse
3. Handwritten
4. Bliss
5. Gray


  1. Love your "love" mason jar, and a great photo for trend!

    And how wonderful for your friend to find something where she can use her creativity!

  2. Great shots. Love your love and duplication. Thanks

  3. I've never heard of knitting looms before. But I really like your photo of them...the graphic nature makes them quite interesting.

  4. Beautiful picture of the church in your trending shot. Great set of pictures again this week!

  5. Love your love picture. Beautiful!

  6. Great set! I'm loving the fun colours of your paper and plastic shots <3

  7. Great set of photos for the Scavenger Hunt!
    I especially like the colorful knitting looms.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  8. Wow. LOVE the steeple. That is absolutely magnificent!

  9. Just love your duplicated and love! Great set this week, Andrea!

  10. What a beautiful set this week. Your mason jar is beautiful and that image of the church is wonderful. Love all of your choices...have a great week ahead.

  11. great interpretation of the prompts...great photos! that jar is lovely indeed, can be a great home decor for all season

  12. Great set! Your first one is my favorite. Well done!

  13. Love your set of images. That last one and the story to go with it really touched my heart. Well done!

  14. Great set love the last shot and the story to go with it. Have a great week!

  15. Great compositions all! My favorite is the first one. With the blurring, it has a special dreamy quality.

  16. Beautiful set of images! I love the first one, that is a very beautiful vase, and I love the steeple!!

  17. Wow! I would have never guessed that vase was made from a mason jar! And I love your story behind the last one! Lovely photos! :)

  18. Beautiful set - really love your lighting throughout.

  19. Wonderful series. - Your LOVE shot is lovely, what a great decoration.
    Paper was so colorful, Plastic, what a great gift your friend received.
    Trending, I didn't watch the funeral but your photo of this church is lovely and the thoughts behind it as well.

  20. your mason jar is adorable. did you change your background & top banner? love the Spring-like feel it creates.

    1. Thank you Christine . . . no I haven't changed the background or banner. I have tried to switch it up a few times, but am never satisfied with anything but this.

  21. Your LOVE mason jar is so pretty! Sometimes the best finds are from thrift shops. :)

  22. I love these Andrea Dawn! The mason jar is inspiring! And I'm thinking those weaving rings would be awesome for my grandkids who are getting into that creative stage and for their little friends with CP. Great idea!

  23. These are all so beautiful! I love that your friend is able to have the world of creativity opened to her; photography is what opened my eyes and heart to creating and I find it very soul enriching.


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