Saturday, 26 January 2013

Photo Art Friday, Jan 26, 2013

The optional theme this week over at Bonnie's Pixel Dust Photo Art was "Hardware" but I was just not feeling the love on that subject.  Instead, I decided to share some of the playing around I did with my new "software".  I had received a fabulous offer via email from in December as they were giving deeply discounted prices on a number of software items that been replaced by upgraded versions.  I was particularly interested in the PhotoPlus4 and ordered a copy.  

I also got a lot of practice with watermarking my photos.

My model for this session was Zack, a Ragdoll/American Shorthair cross.
This first shot is the original.

Here I have used a Giger filter . . .

and this is also the Giger Filter with different settings on the sliders.

The Filter I used for the next two are both called Munchist and again they show the variations available with different settings on the adjustment sliders.

This style is called Expressionist . . . 

 . . .  and Impressionist.

Zack in Oils . . .

. . . and Paint & Ink,

and finally, Van Gogh style.

I have been having a lot of fun with this and trying out all the tutorials available.  So much more to learn.  And for the record,  I am not being compensated in any way from

Please do stop by Bonnie's and tour the gallery of this weeks submissions.

Photo Art Friday


  1. Wow Andrea, you have a gorgeous model and the results of all the different applications are lovely ... think my fav is the Expressionist. Love your watermark too - very discreet yet clear.

  2. Wow - I adore all the different styles - it is like you can see the kitty's soul.

  3. I love getting a review of the artistic styles of the past periods in European art, a kind of art history post. I saw a minister once sing one hymn and change it to sound like the 30's, 40's, 50's etc. That was an auditory history. Yours is a visual history. This was so fun!

  4. nice. what a lot of fun that must have been for you. YUM!!

  5. Being a fan of Dagas and Seurat (as well as other expressionists) I really like the adjustments. It's amazing what some programs can do these days. And may I say... your model is quite the handsome little man. :) Thanks Andrea.

  6. Beautiful Andrea... and here I am with pencil or brush and paint to do what you do in just moments... technology is amazing and so much fun!
    Love your cat... great model!

  7. wow, what can I say. You had fun. It is a lovely cat and you did the most of it. This post could be right for my meme NF Abstract. If you like. Next one is due on wednesday.

  8. Love Zack and all his manifestations.

  9. He's gorgeous and your edits were wonderful. Looks like you had a great time playing around.

  10. Love what you have done with your gorgeous ginger cat! I have a ginger cat too:)


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