Sunday, 16 June 2013

SHS 16 June 2013

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
~Theodore Roosevelt

I chose this quote because I did not plan very well for the hunt this week and time just got away on me.  I had taken lots of pictures but not specifically to match any of the prompts.  So I did things kind of backwards and wandered through my photos looking for shots that would match the clues  . . . which is sort of like a scavenger hunt, isn't it?

Some of them are a bit of a stretch but such as they are, here's what I got.

1. Summer
 In this last week before the official start of summer I have seen many glorious specimens of beautiful dogwood trees in full bloom.

2. Dance
 Doin' the happy dance  . . . the peonies have burst through their tight bud coverings and have perfumed the air with their signature fragrance.

3.  Laughter
 My girl Gracie brings so much joy and laughter to the household.  The other day my daughter poked her head into my suite saying "Mom, come quick and bring your camera."  My daughter had finished her laundry and two baskets were stacked on top of each other.  The top one was on quite a deep slant and when Gracie jumped in (as cats will do) she went for a little slide.  She thought it was great fun and rolled and flipped around in the basket for quite a while.

4.  Helper
 I was kind of stumped with this one for quite a while and then I realized that I was my sister's helper yesterday when we went furniture shopping.  Her and her hubby have just moved back to BC from Montreal and need to trade in their larger furniture pieces for some condo-sized items.  I pointed out pieces that might work in her space and took photos of them so her husband could have a look, too.

5. Water
This year I departed somewhat from my same old, same old choice of plants.  I put together a couple of succulent planters that I have really been enjoying.  It's just a little different making sure that I don't water them too often.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there . . .
hope you have had a wonder-filled day.


  1. Nice set what a pretty kitty.

  2. Really great shots. Summer brought back a lot of memories hand made me think about how and why I take pictures. Thank

  3. Lovely set of shots. That quote fits me pretty well every week. I don't get to get out often to capture new sights for the prompts with 4 children.
    I love the picture of the kitty.

  4. You have me crying dear friend... seeing all this God beauty delivered by your hand reminds me I am selfish and want my friends around for a very long time. I want to tell them don't leave... I want to remind God that it is important that our friends remain...we need you. all this God knows. He knows the encouragement each one brings; sent by His hand.
    Yesterday our old Art and Elaine were very old; in just three weeks with sickness come upon them they have the look of being ready to go Home to the Father. The thought should bring me rejoicing that they will be in Christ's presence yet a part of me holds on to the need we all have of each other.

    I just want you to know how we value the encouragement God brings through your lens and ability to share it with us with words of wonder alongside.
    love you my friend

    sob sob, tissue in hand and shirt sleeve :)

    1. Susan's second paragraph speaks for me, too! You have quite a gift!

  5. Your photos are so lovely, Andrea. That peony tucked away among the leaves has a look of mystery about it.

  6. Great set. The dogwoods and peonies are beautiful.
    Loved the detail of your water shot.
    Gracie steals the show with her cuteness.

  7. Beautiful images! My favorite is the last one! I love all the little "hairs".


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