Monday, 10 June 2013

SHS 9 June 2013

"Develop an interest in life as you see it;
the people, things, literature, music - 
the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures,
beautiful souls and interesting people.
Forget yourself."
~ Henry Miller

This quote reminds me of the Scavenger Hunt that this post links to.  So many snippets of sweet, funny, crazy, inspiring moments in other peoples lives captured and shared within this community of cyber-friends.
It also reminds me to not focus on how many comments I get but to see how many people I can encourage with kind words.  Looking forward to seeing what rich treasures have been gathered here this week.

1. Dishes
I have a small collection of decorative plates (dishes) which I have tried to whittle down and not add to.  However, this beauty I just could not leave behind.  Love everything about it.

2.  Favourite Colour
No guesswork involved on this one.

3. Sunflare
One from the archives . . . last summer.

4.  Expression
My grand-niece Pippa at a baby shower for her new cousin, Jaeden Anne.  The expression on her face has prompted many of my relatives to note how much she looks like my own daughter at the same age.

5. Sticky
Winged critters with sticky feet collecting sweet and sticky nectar from this lovage flowering seed head.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the sticky photo! Also, cute expression!!!!

  2. Each one is so uniquely wonderful! I think I have a favorite and then I look at another one and see all its intricacies and change my mind. The look on Pippa's face is so precious. She looks pensive, like she is a million miles away from that piece of cake. It just wins my heart. The macro for green is amazing. I have tried and tried to get such richness in a picture, but have yet to accomplish it. Seeing yours made me smile. Your shot of a bee for the sticky prompt is so YOU. Thinking how a bee sticks pollen to his legs and then getting a picture to demonstrate it: double fabulous!!!!! I'm so glad you're continuing to do the Scavenger Hunt. You do it so very well.

  3. Great images! The light on Pippa is glorious! She's so very pretty! I love the beautiful flower in the last one and you not only captured one bee, but two!! Great eye!

  4. I love the plate. I have 3 beauties that I just can't use but can't give up either. The sticky photo is amazing. It is always interesting to see what you come up with by following the prompts.

  5. Wonderful quote and photos.
    That dish is lovely, I can see why you didn't pass it up.
    Loved your favorite color shot and the sticky shot.
    That expression looks so "woe is me". She's adorable.

  6. Favourite colour and expression! Wow! And yes, that is so a great similarity to dear Shannon! How fun!

  7. I read the Henry Miller quote just recently (I don't know where) and copied it into my quote book. Isn't it great?
    Love all your photos - the green is so very green and fresh, and I do love the look on sweet Pippa's face. Her golden hair and fair skin are lovely.

  8. The photo of Pippa is remarkable - such feeling.
    And of course I love the green macro and the sticky feet.
    The one of the two pollen collectors really is amazing Andrea, how did you get this one?

    1. Hey, Ken, thanks for the feedback. As for the sticky shot, my new camera (2 months ago) has a super-macro setting where you place the lens as close as 2 cm from the subject. I just discovered this last week so had some fun playing with that feature.


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