Sunday, 23 June 2013

SHS 23 June 2013

"A weed is no more than a flower in disguise,
which is seen through at once
if love gives a man eyes.
~James Russell Lowell

Today's scavenger hunt post follows the theme of weeds and grasses that are generally despised and plucked by their roots when discovered in that prized vegetable garden or springing from the cracks in the walkway.  
I am not willing to let them share my limited space in my container garden but I really do see the beauty in their intricate design and peculiar features.

1.  Fun
 I have so much fun playing with colours, hues, and saturations.  

2.  Arts & Crafts
 While this is not very crafty it is quite artsy . . . I think it would make a lovely print.

3.  Messy
 Messy, beautiful clusters of various weeds and grasses are quite prolific down the lane where I walk.

4. Blessing
 For someone who enjoys digital art play as much as I do, photo editing programs are an enormous blessing.  

5.  Effort
Morning Glory vines grow at such an amazing rate that it requires a lot of effort to stay on top of them. 

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  1. I'm so glad you love creating this kind of art for I certainly enjoy viewing it! I read this line over and over and am still not sure what you meant "While this is not very crafty it is quite artsy" - the difference between craft and art? I'm not sure what it is...hmmmmm. I loved the opening quote!

    1. Well Dawn, when I think of crafts I assume physical elements that are literally hands on. Using scissors, glue, sparkles (ha, ha), paint, paper etc.

  2. Wow you did a fantastic job with these prompts using "weeds" of all things. My favorites were: Fun, Arts/Crafts and Blessing.

  3. Weeds are beautiful in their own right, but can take over where not wanted. I love the Blessing photo - I agree that it's so much fun to edit photos.

  4. Yes!! so nice...see, I love these wild-flowers!! That blue shot is stunning!

  5. I love the blooms of wildflowers and weeds. They are so unique! I love how you captured these and love the editing in "blessing." Blue happens to be my favorite color!

  6. These are all beautiful shots!


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