Monday, 3 June 2013

SHS After a Long Break

 So after laying low for a couple of months I have resurfaced.  I had another episode with my heart that put me in the hospital early April and finally got my echo and angiogram done.  They both came back clear which was a major relief and I am so grateful.  My cardiologist is saying that the original ECG and MIBI stress tests which showed a heart attack with significant tissue damage were false positives but I am going with divine intervention.  So many people were praying for me  . . . family,  friends, church family and prayer teams at the Healing Rooms.  As well, the symptoms that troubled me on a daily basis have disappeared with no medical intervention.  

Now it's time to move on with life . . . looking for a job again (overwhelming), and jumping back into things that have been on the shelf a while.  Hopefully I will be posting more regularly going forward . . . the desire is there but I've been coming up blank for ideas lately.  

The prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week were all Photographer's Choice so I figured that was easy to do on short notice.  I am sharing some of my favourite shots from the month of May.

Dandelion seed head saturated with rain.

Joey, my dad's rescue dog.
 They came for a visit in early May and I was delighted to meet this sweet boy.

 My Mother's Day flowers.

 Lacy fern against the rusting garden shed.

Fat robin found the bird bath and had a splashing good time.
Made my day!

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  1. Love the robin picture! Also the dandelion--they're such good photo material.

  2. So glad to see you back and glad to hear you're doing well!

    Love the pictures!!

  3. Lovely shots and I especially like the lacy fern!

  4. So glad you're back! Love all the shots. First I thought the dandelion would be my favourite, then I saw the fern. But the winner for me is that sweetly fat robin caught bathing!

  5. great photos!
    The robin photo is wonderful!
    glad you are doing better! I'll go with divine intervention, too.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that, and I will go for divine intervention too! Glad to see you are back, I wondered since I hadn't seen you in a while, and I'm sorry if I somehow missed why you were gone. As for ideas, sometimes just the act of sitting at the computer with a picture and a quote will get you rolling again. It's sure helped me the last few months with my son and his illness. Your photos are wonderful! xo

  7. Dear One,

    I was so happy when a notification that The Art of Life had posted came into the inbox of my e-mail. I smiled to see it was a Scavenger Hunt post. I love your pictures always. You see past what is there and really capture essences. It is always good for someone who sees casually to peer into the work of someone who sees much more artistically. I am you blessed fan. I feel like that fat robin in the bath..."Pour it on, I'm lovin' it."

    Praying for you during your job hunt. He is with you,

  8. I am praying peace for you as you job search... God knows what He has for you... may He make it plain :) I love seeing through your eyes~ lovely photos; the dandelion is my fav

  9. These are all amazing shots! Beautiful. I'm glad to hear that your heart is doing well. Good luck with the moving forward.

  10. First let me say it is awesome to see your photo's here again for SHS (sorry to be late in commenting on them).
    This set is fantastic. It was hard to pick favorites but I think the Dandelion is amazing and that fat little robin stole my heart. Also found the fern shot to be dreamy looking. Well done.

  11. Great to see you back here Andrea! And good to hear about your health too. The dandelion grabbed my attention immediately - crisp and clear fading away to a soft background. The robin is fun.


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