Saturday, 17 December 2011

SHS Photo Challenge 12

"Soon it will be Christmas Day"
I am looking forward to a quiet week before Christmas . . . the hustling and bustling is all done and I am ready for some peace on earth and silent nights . . . let my heart prepare Him room.

The time has come again to reveal my finds for the weekly scavenger hunt photo challenge hosted by Ashley Sisk at Ramblings & Photos.  This week we were looking for "What is it?", Children/Fur Babies Sleeping, Joy, Window and Half.

1. What is it?
 That question will be answered on Christmas Day, dear daughter.

2.  Fur Baby Sleeping
 My fur baby, Gracie, was snuggled up taking a nap at my daughter's house  . . . I had been trying to catch her sleeping all week.  As soon as I aimed the camera at her she opened her eyes.  Little stinker.  She went right back to sleep as soon as I took the photo.

3.  Joy
 My daughter has quite a collection of these wooden Christmas words.

 4.  Window
Window decorations at Starbucks . . . toffee nut latte anyone? 

5.  Half
My morning starts with this  . . . coffee with half & half cream and sugar.

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  1. I thought everyone would have a present for what is it, but you are the first besides myself! Nice picture! I love the window and half and half!

  2. Love the half and half picture and the window!

  3. as Cedar said your what is it is so cool. will we ever know what is inside? love your set. visiting from toda's Hunt. xxo

  4. I just love the windows at starbucks! Great collection this week!

  5. I really like your "what is it" capture AND's probably KILLING her wondering what is in that gift! Happy holidays.


  6. Thanks. Love your shots. Your comments on what is it is just wonderful. I love this season and getting to know new friends that I have never met yet..... Have a merry Christmas. Thanks again.

  7. Love your sleeping baby - mine looks much the same.

  8. Toffee nut latte is my favorite too!! Lovely set, Merry Christmas Andrea.

  9. Love your half and half shot I thought about that too. But decided not to do it. Great set!

  10. Your fur baby looks so soft and cuddly! :)

  11. I'm laughing at how your kittie wakes up when you try to capture her. mine do the same thing. the eyes snap open and they're suddenly all alert. your kitty is beautiful. this is a wonderful set for the prompts. I love you "window" shot. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate it. happy week to you!

  12. I always smile at your choices; they are always a surprise of fun and beauty. I love your Let's Merry!


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