Monday, 26 December 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 597-612

Well dear friends, we have come to the final Monday of the year 2011 and while I enjoy the lovely trees and decorations and packages wrapped up so pretty, my prayer is that the gift of God's only Son, born of the virgin, delivered in a stable and wrapped in flesh and blood and swaddling clothes would be our most treasured gift . . . that we would get the message of love that came to seek and save us, that would we hear Him as He speaks to us in the daily happenings of our lives.

More of the gifts so graciously given . . .

597.  The massive wingspan of a heron in flight . . . what a sight to see
598.  Reaching a goal at physio
599.  Visitors with a sweet Christmas hamper

600.  Cards and calendars from a dear friend

601.  Prayers for a kitty with a sick belly . . . poor Zack

602.  Hearing people say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays"
603.  Store manager helping me to the checkout as I struggle with my crutches
604.  The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning
605.  Christmas Eve dinner at my daughter's . . . with my former in-laws . . . amazing grace, amazing dinner
606.  Roast beef and home-made gingerbread cheesecake . . . best cheesecake I've ever had

607.  Christ the Saviour is born . . . the best Gift ever given . .  one size fits all
608.  A most generous gift . . . a new computer to replace the failing dinosaur
609.  A daughter that truly delights in sharing what God has blessed her with
610.  Christmas dinner prepared by many willing hands
611.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows

612.  Phone call from my son, talking to the girlies one by one . . . oh how I love them all

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  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    From the beautiful tree in the first photograph to gratitude #612, I felt like I was walking alongside you through Christmas. I LOVE this post. It has everything: family, healing, pets, family, decorations, friends and, did I mention, family? His amazing grace to us.

    Thankful for you,

  2. A post filled with God's good gifts - just lovely.

  3. first, that Christmas tree! I covet that Christmas tree. Second – from your list – my obvious favorite has to be your poor kitty with a sick tummy – I hope he's better now. Laska the Love Kitty sends his best. As always, I hearted the whole thing. God bless you Andrea Dawn.


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