Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 613-631

Glory to God in highest heaven
Who unto man, His Son has given;
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.
~ Martin Luther

So here we are in a brand new year, the old has passed, the new is come.  There are things I desire to leave behind, but counting the gifts of God's grace is not one of them.  This I will continue . . . 

613.  An iPod loaded with sermons and music to listen to when sleep won't come
614.  Finally getting comfortable
615.  My peek-a-boo kitten
616.  Pajama day
617.  Chicken soup
618.  Grace for my girl in a difficult situation
619.  Parcel arriving in the mail, with . . . 
620.  treats . . . home made gingerbread biscotti
621.  Handmade clay ornaments from my big girlies
622.  Page turner - Ann Voskamp's "God in the Moment"
623.  Bumper sticker truth
624.  Fish & chips . . . I love cod!
625.  Buy one, get one free
626.  Christmas movie with air-popped popcorn and real butter
627.  Finished the project for Ema's 1st birthday
628.  Pink washed morning sky
629.  Being in the moment before it fades away
630.  A new year, a new blank page full of promise and possibilities
631.  For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes and amen . . . 2 Corinthians 1:20

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  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    The pictures are so beautiful throughout this post and I love 614, 622, 624, 627, 628 (it looked like my sky this morning!) and 631. All the rest were great, too, but these struck a chord in my heart somewhere.

    I am not doing the year of pictures, although I truly LOVED looking at yours. It was a bit like going down memory lane for me plus I learned new things. I hope you post the Kreativ Blogger Award on your site, too, then I will learn 10 more things. Susan's list was a real eye-opener, smile!

    I am so happy you are feeling more comfortable. You must get ready for the spring thaw! You have lots to do and places to go. All the best, dear one,


  2. quite lovely. thank you for thoughts and re-thoughts. : )

  3. I love how your "perfect" gift of the sweater, all pink, blends into the gift of the sunrise below it...
    I am with you on the popcorn and the Christmas movie! Actually I feel blessed to see "all" your grace notes and I am smiling with you today. Hugs and prayers to your dear Shannon... in my sorting through my studio yesterday I came upon a lovely old photo of a playdough day with her and my kiddies at our littlest table in the kitchen ... They were all so "young"! Sigh... precious moments!
    I am so thankful for you "finally getting comfortable". May God continue His tender mercies through this healing process.
    Love you my friend!


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