Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Found in the Translation

Though silent . . . I can feel You near
I try to pray and feel the fear
that floodgates opened
never stop.

You read my tears
translate my groans
my words, quite simply

But Your words are . . . I need them . . . now
I read them now . . . aloud
so faith that comes by hearing
has place to sink roots deep.

These words I read
"Be silent, all flesh,
before the LORD"
and so I stop.

I lay the Book across my chest
my prayer . . . Your words
go unexpressed
in forms I am familiar with,

but . . . I wait . . . I rest

My heart You see
my frame You know
and spirit words
they come and go in ways
not easily explained
in earthly terms.

I cannot say
what passed between us
I only know
that I've been seen
and heard and understood

And He is good
And all will be well.

© Andrea Dawn Olsen - 21 September 2011


  1. Andrea Dawn,

    This same experience happened between me and Barb and the Lord yesterday. There was this knowing in the waiting as we both heard Him speak to us through a third party. All we did for communication was glance up at one another affirming that his word was THE word for us.

    Sometimes with groanings that cannot be uttered is the only way I can pray. Thanks for a poem that expresses this very intimate, "hard to put into words" experience.

    You bless me,

  2. For those of us who are "wordy" and find words our art form, our expression of who we are, etc., it is so hard to be "wordless." I often think that being wordless with nothing to say is a failure of some kind. Yet today, as I read, I long to be silent before Him so that He can hear me and hear my heart. That He sees us and understands. . . could we ask for more???

    Thank you so much for this today. It spoke so deeply to my heart!

  3. Dawn, I just came from your blog, was very blessed, by the way, with all that happened between you and Barb. Then I came to Andrea Dawn's poem here and was also thinking how much it tied in with what you experienced! so cool!
    wonderful ladies... a mighty God!
    lovely poem Andrea... Gosh you are precious!


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