Sunday, 25 September 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 381-409

O give thanks unto the LORD for He is good . . .
Psalm 116:1a

381.  Just knowing You are with me
382.  Butterfly on dandelion . . . long enough to take a picture.  Oh, how long I have tried . . . so quickly they flutter away

383.  New buds on the rose bush
384.  Hearing the stories behind family treasures passed down to my daughter
385.  Lemon-pepper chicken wings
386.  Birthday shopping
387.  Ministering angels
388.  Kitten dozing in sun-soaked spot
389.  Climbing stairs
390.  Cleaning up flower beds
391.  Thinking about changing seasons

392.  A dirty job that somebody had to do . . . me
393.  A retired neighbour offering to do the weed-whacking
394.  My job is over . . .  where now, LORD?
395.  Little miss Ema scooting around, cutting teeth
396.  Choir & piano lessons starting up again

397.  Days where you just know that without Him you would either explode or implode
398.  Trusting that though my job has come to an abrupt end my provision hasn't . . . Jehovah Jireh
399.  Moved to tears by this post
400.  News of my 5 good things that grow in Ontario.
401.  A great idea for a birthday gift that turned out better than I hoped
402.  My daughter . . . one of the greatest gifts I have ever received . . . Happy Birthday, Shannon

403.  More energy, less pain today
404.  A papa helping his girl with landscaping

405.  Grace for a young lady with a broke down wheelchair
406.  Birthday dinner
407.  Pumpkin pie and sunflowers

408.  Praying friends
409.  Tears, tears and more tears

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  1. Dearest Andrea Dawn,

    I am so glad we share part of a name because I feel so close to you. It's like you put into words and pictures what I am feeling but have been unable to articulate. I love stopping by both your posts because I get such a revelation of what's going on inside ME. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but, suffice it to say, I am always blessed stopping by here.

    I especially like #397, #399 and #403. I'll take #407 for dessert, too! Yesterday was an explode or implode day. I was extremely tired having had the grandchildren for a day and a half, then I had to go into work for 8 hours. I was on my last nerve already and my work is a very difficult place to be...amazing grace. #399 Danelle's blog blessed me so very much and I don't think I understood half the implications of her word pictures. That's what I like about you who see in pictures. I read what you write over and over and see different images according to what I am feeling. It's like Spirit-loaded prose. #403 Praise for your relief. I have been praying every day, sometimes more than once per day that relief comes quickly. #407 That looks so incredibly yummy. Thanks for sharing it. I wonder if someday we will be able to turn a picture into the real thing in cyberspace!

    Have a glorious day,

  2. Your picture grabbed it...#381..Amen

  3. Andrea Dawn,
    I loved #381 the best. In every other part of your thanksgivings they all point back to knowing He is always there with you. With all of us.Always in All Ways!
    And your pictures! Wow! Pumpkin pie with sunflower seeds! The picture of the butterfly on the dandelion?! What a photographer you are!

  4. #382... I was just saying that this weekend when I was trying to capture a butterfly photo! But they are so special when we do catch them, isn't it?! Love the changing seasons. That pie looks so good! I have been wanting to have some good homemade pumpkin pie! :)

  5. my pumpkin sits here waiting for my Bethany to be home with us, then we will bake together. I loved to see Shannon and all your love poured out for her... just like our Abba Father's love to us. I hold you all in my prayers dear friend. I am so glad you see so much beauty! We are all blessed because of it!


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