Saturday, 17 September 2011

House Insurance

"Guess what, Mom", she says . . . "apparently I have not had insurance on my house since I bought it last fall.  I completed all the paperwork, gave them the voided cheque, dotted the i's and crossed the t's, but never noticed that the automatic payments weren't coming out. The paperwork was misplaced,  misfiled and it only came to light now." 

She was so very grateful that there had been no reason to need it.  All taken care of now.

The next day I am reading in Job, chapter 5 and come across these verses . . .

You shall know that your tent is at peace;
you shall visit your habitation and find nothing amiss. (vs 24)
. . . Behold this we have searched out; it is true. Hear it and know for yourself.  (vs27)

Doesn't that just sound like the best house insurance? A promise from the Word of God?

Now . . . I know that these words were spoken by Eliphaz, one of Job's "friends", but 2 TImothy 3:16 says that "all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness".

I have begun to pray this when I leave my home, believing God,  . . . trusting that my tent is at peace, that I will return home and find nothing amiss.

Another treasure found in this chapter is verse 12 . . .

"He frustrates the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot carry out their plans."

Makes me think  . . . What sorrows, what tragedies could be averted if the saints prayed this way?

"Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to frustrate the devices of the crafty, so that they CANNOT carry out their plans.  All those this day, that plot evil against the innocents, those that scheme revenge, those greedy for power and riches that stop at nothing . . . frustrate their plans, O LORD."

In my younger years walking with God, I was often amazed at the way some believers could pray.  Their words were compelling, awe-inspiring, ushering in the presence of God.  Now I know where they find the words . . . in the Word, given by inspiration of God.

Feeling ineffectual in prayer? . . . open the Word.  Say what you see . . . agree with God.  He loves to hear us say back to Him what He has said to us. 


  1. Dear Andrea Dawn:

    I am skipping with glee as I read your comment left about my socks blog yesterday. It was not till I reached the end of it that I, myself, saw the implications in the words "cold feet". It was truly a God thing--not intended, but my, how it enlarged that post! You saw it and my heart leaped!

    I will be looking at Job 5 over and over again this week. Do you know of Beth Moore's teaching on praying the Word? She is the philosophical background for prayer and scripture memorization in First Place 4 Health, which I belonged to for 6 years and co-lead for 4. Yes, if you want to powerfully prayer, use the Word for your words.

    Love you, have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. wonderful words for us this morning Andrea Dawn, our God is ever faithful!


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