Monday, 12 September 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts 301 - 350

This is the final catching up entry . . . woohoo!

Linking with Ann for . . .

301. Cuddling a lonely Zack-kitty missing his humans

302.  The community of believing bloggers who encourage, inspire and make me smile big 
303.  . . . and often reduce me to joyous weeping for the beauty of their words
304.  Dawn, Susan, Ann, Craig, Lorrie, Danelle, Lisa-Jo, Linda and so many more.  Thank you.
 305.  Mending clothes . . . yes some people really still do that
306.  A sweet wander through the Word - He found me
307.  A poem that almost wrote itself . . . Paper Cuts
308.  Paying bills for my out-of-town girl
309.  Thinking of a friend I haven't seen for a while and she calls
 310.  The peace of God . . . peace with God
 311.  Sparkling clean bathroom
 312.  Brushing up on geography with Seterra . . .what fun, my how the world has changed since I was in school.
313.  Watermelon . . . when my girl was little she called it "water lemon"
 314.  Watering the grass
 315.  Heard from my boss - back to work next week
 316.  Listening to the song in my heart . . .  "I've seen miracles just happen, silent prayers be answered . . . that's what faith can do". 

317.  Trying new recipe . . . plum platz
318.  My kitten is now a cat . . . Happy Birthday, Gracie
319.  Doing a jigsaw puzzle . . . finding the lost piece
Visited my sister and her husband here last summer.
320.  Waking from a wonderful restful sleep
321.  My first "5 Minute Friday " post . . . a free-writing challenge.  I had so much fun.

322.  Buckets of encouragement poured out on me today
323.  Smiling big . . . He knows how to make me do that!
324.  Staying in the shade
325.  Picking blackberries 

326.  Friendly people in the park
327.  The power of words . . . to inspire, encourage, bring hope
328.  Back to work . . . it's a good thing
329.  Coffee break
330.  Hanging in when the pain kicked in  . . . sufficient grace
331.  Baby pumpkins
332.  Zack . . . the orange cat the melts my heart with his puppy-dog eyes
333.  Saying no to temptation
334.  Cooler weather
335.  Abundant blackberries
336.  Walking with less pain
337.  Laundry . . . clean, folded, put away
338.  Learning to let God be who He is  . . . my Provider
339.  Remembering all His benefits (Psalm 103)
340.  Forgiveness, healing, redemption 
341.  Eagle soaring high over the Fraser River
342.  My daughter's generosity . . . she reminds me of her Papa
343.  Long weekends
344. Praying in my car . . . take care of a lot of business there
345.  Talking to my dad who calls nearly every Sunday afternoon
346.  Sunday afternoon naps
347.  The way thirsty plants respond to a drink of water

348.  Clean coffee maker
349.  Feeling sunny inside
350.  Left hand turn lights

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises to His name. Hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. I just love these. I'm all about some little things! And your photography is outstanding! You have such a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Andrea Dawn,

    I clicked on Gracie's picture to come here from Ann's. Happy Birthday, Gracie!

    Thanks for the mention in this post. You are one of the people in my life that exponentially enlarges my vision every time we meet. Hugs to you, My Sister.

    Your thank-you's made me grin ear to ear, especially # 305, "yes, people still do that#, #319, I love jigsaw puzzles but the "missing piece" experience is all too familiar, #321, great first 5-minute Friday, #325 blackberries, yummmmm, #347 thirsty plants are my specialty. I am so glad they recover so quickly, I hate to see them suffer, but, frankly, I forget them.

    I am amazed that you can post 50 thank-you's. You are an inspiration.

    On my tip-toes trying to reach you,

  3. Dear Dawn,
    The orange kitty is actually Zack, my daughter's cat that I was watching while they were out of town. The 50 thank-yous will probably drop off a bit now that I am caught up to the present time. I just wanted to have them all here in this place. So tickled to see a couple of my grandgirlies in Ann's photos today.

    The thirsty plants are a reminder to me that we humans can not go long without connecting with our Papa and how His love, His spirit strengthen us and help us to stand when we are drooping.

  4. 307. A poem that almost wrote itself . . . Paper Cuts
    Don’t you just love those poems that rise up and demand to be written?
    and all you have to do is take dictation :-)


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