Monday, 19 September 2011

Grace Notes - Counting the Gifts, 351 - 380

Monday's here again  . . . counting more of the daily graces . . . . and grace for the hard days.

"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Joining the symphony of thanks-givers at:

351.  One of the hard ones - 3 yr. old boy abducted from home in my province

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352.  Amber Alert that sparks outpouring of prayer for Kienan's safe return
353.  The joyous miracle . . . Kienan returned to his home by abductor . . . safe and sound.
354.  Many thank - you's to God for turning this man's heart
355. #2 granddaughter . . . Happy Birthday . . . news of her sweet celebration
356.  A challenge accepted . . . looking with different eyes

357.  Looking deeper for the beauty
358.  Playing boccia . . . partnering with Paralympian Alison Kabush in a match against Paralympian Paul Gauthier and his son.  A fun fundraiser for disabled sports programs.

359.  Looking past the disabilities and seeing the image of God
360.  High 5's and hallelujahs from sweet David

361.  Finding out it was Craig's birthday so we, his bloggy friends, could release blessing and prayers for him.  Thanks to his sister for spilling the beans.
362.  A new mouse . . . I can copy and paste with ease again.
363.  1st Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season . . . yum!

Image source
364.  The way God orchestrates things for the good of His children . . . the best Papa ever!
365.  A sewing machine and enough fabric and thread to keep me going a long time.

366.  Starting fall cleanup in the garden

367.  Fifteen minutes in the hammock just before nightfall
368.  Crockpot simmering soup all day
369.  A meaningful anniversary
370.  making cookies with my daughter
371.  Shopping for fabric with my sister
372.  A little sewing job 
373.  My dad offering to pay me to do some research for him
374.  Happy Birthday, Dallas . . . my really big "little brother" (photo from Auntie Jaye)
375.  Staying with a friend after a seizure
376.  3 days work this week and strength to get through them
377.  Healing for old wounds
378.  Sara . . . heading home to Jesus . . . outpouring of loving tributes and prayers
379.  The impact one life can have on so many people
380.  Sleep-stopping heartburn . . .  2 a.m. ginger tea and Scripture . . . sweet relief


  1. I'm catching up on my blog reading today, and I have to tell you, I love your thankfulness posts. As you can tell, I'm a list lover. (Your sweet, sweet comment made my entire day, by the way! I appreciate you, and am so blessed to be a part of your blogging community!!) This makes me desire to begin my own list! Love you, sweet friend and sister in Christ!

  2. I'm catching up too... so good to come by and catch another grateful list...I'm off to work in the garden! One more row of carrots! But a long row :)


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